Living in a clean and healthy world

The requirement of sustainability in the dynamic world is the challenging job across the wide, multi-faceted and cross-functioning scope related to different issues. Consequently, as analyzing the improvement and outlooks in building the efforts for a clean and healthy world, the special focus will be dedicated on the attainment of objective on cleaning the world.

Clean water and health
Clean water is a must for healthy life

Health and Water


The waste water treatment, hygiene and waste management will be the points to focus on issues. The forum with different actors and agencies will be design to implement strategies for effective and efficient sustainable practice and policy, the World Water Week is an exclusive opportunity to eliminate the disgrace surrounding water wastes, sanitation and to incorporate multiple benefits that run from better hygiene arrangements. The major threat of health is due to lack of adequate sanitation.  This allows remarkable environmental and social cost due to which premature deaths, environmental degradation and reduced access to education. The inadequate sanitation cooperate the human potential and ruin their development in the society, communities and individual at large. The main reason of World Water Week is to increase the consciousness and effect the action on the downstream impact on the human activities in the broad term.

To decrease the poverty and meet the growing demand of goods, foods and services increases the exploitation of natural resources that will be essential.  During early stage of economic development social services, job creation and economic growth condition are considered as dominant to those in action. The water supply, other household inputs and economic activities is generally specialized in policy making and budget. Though less focus is set to the effects in increasing waste has on the downstream flow of water bodies and actors. To deal with this issue and sustainability improvement, water supply, economic management and economic development issues can be designed in a combined context and incorporated as linked parts of the large human development problems.

Water Quality Issues


Water and cleanliness are the major public health concept of prevention from them from social, managerial and economic perspectives is the extent better than a treatment. However in terms of policy and action definite areas under water or sanitation protection remain weak. Sanitation has been in the shade of the attempts to increase the drinking water supply for long term but is finally growing a thing in its own right. Water and sanitation is particular settings because of the tangible opportunities to execute defensive action in social environment, schools and health care centers.

The safety of the drinking water and issues related to the water quality connected to the safety of recreational water and the use of wastes water in agriculture that has undergone major modifications with health based targets risk estimation and management approach. The health management of public is due to water resource developments consisting irrigation and dams schemes etc. Cities are the centre of economic development to the more population and industrial waste. Positive and negative aspects of cities are believed beyond the borders of the city and particularly in downstream areas. More population has ability to increase the source efficiency by focusing on the activity. Though, city is designed effectively, the more pollution can results from the density can make unhealthy condition and environmental problems. The technical solutions and institutional arrangement must be accustomed to include behavioral and social characteristics of the community and the effect of consistent urban development on sustainability of the infrastructure of the city. The decreasing the water resources, increasing climatic uncertainties are becoming richer and more populous. Government faces pressure to make effective and efficient use of natural, financial and human resources to ensure sustainability development. The disposal of waste has been by dilution of the water resources with following industrial and human health and environmental issues. There is no longer a reasonable way that is the sustainable way to solve the increasing problem in different parts of the city.