Extra curriculum Activities Impacts over student’s overall development

Academics are one of the most prominent parts of human life and everyone goes through academic life and when education is mixed with the extra curriculum activities, it brings a complete development of students of all ages. Past few decades have witnessed the importance and increasing trend of curriculum activities , assignment writing amalgamation with studies at different educational centers and schools.

Student and extra curricular activities
Advantages of extra curricular activities for overall development


Parents spend a lot time in encouraging their kids towards studies and sometime they pressurize them and even don’t allow them to play. They consider that devoting most of time in studies guarantees their success in the college education as well as in further life. But somewhere they are ignored about the importance of extra curriculum activities like dance, games, painting, athletics etc, and these all extra activities plays an important role in the complete development of students whether it is about physical or mental establishment. Along with these two factors it contribute a lot in managing stress that has been resulted by the over pressure and burden of studies. Parents put pressurize their kids for study more and it somewhere affect their mental status, people cannot study all the time they need to get indulged in activities to overcome the pressure of studies but parents do not allow them for it.

Many of the parents as well as students don’t understand the real importance of extra-curricular activities. Parents think that these activities distract their kid’s mind from study. We know well that students of present era are not indulged in any type of physical activities which has caused many diseases and health issues. Students have become very low in doing physical activities therefore education system across the world have introduced many extra curriculum activities for the complete body development of the kids. Extra-curricular activities help to develop the whole student. Schools should not produce one-dimensional students. Students can utilize their skills in activities like athletics, playing, dancing, painting, crafting, sports and many more along with continuing their studies. This would make them able to develop some other skills, develop their personality, would lessen their mental strain, allow them to develop friendly relations, influence leadership skills in them, will bring the capability to work as a team etc. Students also get the opportunity of receiving athletic scholarships that offers them a chance to make career in athletic world.

Researchers like Massoni, Erin (2011) and many others have mentioned several benefits of these activities.  They said that those students who are involved in such types of extra curriculum activities tend to improve their academic grades as well and it made them more flexible as well as improves concentration skills.  Gaming, sports and other activities that come under extra curriculum activities increases self-esteem, motivation and better time management in students.  These activities not only support in these things but along with this it contributes a lot in making students better organized in the classrooms.  Extra curriculum also helps students in developing their behaviour positively.

They learn useful new skills from their chosen activity, and in integrating these activities into their everyday school lives, they learn time management, critical thinking, teamwork and social skills.  They develop life-long relationships with their peers and learn how to lead others.  These skills will be beneficial in later life and in the workplace. Extra-curricular activities also foster a sense of commitment to a cause or purpose and they reduce selfish behaviour.  Students become more marketable in the workplace.