Over Dependence on technology reduces social skills

The hyper connected term has been given to create the environment when people are correlated consistently by technological devices to other global and human intelligence. Youngsters and teenagers have been at the front line of the frequent acceptance of the latest technology, internet and lifestyle.

Technology dependence
Technology is good if used in limits.

The latest national representative surveys the few internet projects that represent the plunged teens and youngsters in the technological environment and they are highly attached to the technology and social sides of them. About 95% of teenagers are online, 76% of youngsters use social networking sites and 77% have online on cell phones. Additionally, about 96% youngsters are internet users, 84% use social networking site and 97% have use cell phones. Over half of those in the same age group have smart phones and 23% have iPads owner.

Decreasing Social Interaction due to virtual World

Internet is increasing or decreasing the social involvement of people could have huge effects for the society and personal well-being of people. The surveys show that there has been continuous decrease in the social engagement of people. People are less concerned towards social interaction by organizing dinner parties, vote less etc. Social disengagement has major effects for their individual lives. Social disconnection resulted in more corruption, more crime, less interference of government. When people get social it results in positive effect on the society. Social disconnection is related to diminish psychological and physical health and poor health. People have social connection they become healthier, happier physically and mentally.

Though, the social disconnection of people decreases the participation of women in the labor force that increases the depression. Technology has played an essential role, earlier television is similar to the internet some effects that reduces the social participation of people and they are more engaged in watching television. The television now proliferates with multiple sets within single home that will increases the privatization of entertainment and their personalization. People do not prefer to arrange the dinner party, joining clubs, bowling league during their television program. Television is partially responsible for reduction in social disengagement. It is very necessary that technology does not negatively affect the social life of the person. Other technology like telephone increases the social participation. The internet is the latest one that very small diffuses into American households to describe the social trends.

Reducing Dependence

Today technology could either intensify these trends depending on their use. The people are more devoted towards internet that might be substitute of time that had spent in social activities. Today, people are busy in internet that is similar to other entertainment activities like watching television and listening music etc have. Internet is also a passive, non-social entertainment activity that may represent a privatization of entertainment that could results in declining of psychological well being. The interpersonal communication presently prevailing on the internet that are either impartial towards strong binds to weaken rather than promote them.

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