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MGT/521 Management is the course offered by the University of Phoenix towards the fulfillment of Management Degree.Just like other courses,it is a class that lasts for six weeks.Every week has multiple submission,including reflection paper, team learning activities,quizzes, and tests.Our team can provide assistance with the entire coursework and all the associated assignments.

Details of Every Week Assignments

Week 1: Introduction to Business Management: It is all about Four Functions of Management, Sustainability, Roles of Manager and the universality of management.On the basis of these concepts,you are required to complete Weekly Participation, MBA module and Personal Professional Development Plan Activity, Part 1 and 2.

Week 2: Planning: It talks about SWOT analysis, Goals of the organization and Corporate Strategies. Majority of the grade is dependent on Functional Area of Business Paper, Effective Research and Writing at University of Phoenix Module, Personal Professional Development Plan Activity, Week 3.

Week 3: Organizing It is about the organizational Structure, Collaboration, and Team Conflict. As part of this week, you need to write the paper that creates strategic and operational plans based on the SWOT analysis. Also, you need to complete the Week Three Learning team reflection.

Week 4: LeadingIn this week, you learn about the leadership theories, behavior, and Differences. You need to complete Organizing work paper.You need to create an organizational chart, provide recommendations and rationale to the upper management.It is an organizational planning assignment.

Week 5: Controlling In this week you need to write a memo to the manager in which you explain how you plan to lead your team successfully.Also,you need to complete week five learning team reflection.

Week 6: Business Ethics It is the last week where you complete MGT/521 Final Examination, Planning and measuring performance paper, and Week six learning team reflection.Identifying performance gaps, and recommending actions to reduce the performance gap is the primary focus for the week 6.

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