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Coursework writing is something thats not a walk in the park. You can claim to be a writer who has written many stories and won awards in many story writing competition. You can also be a poet who can play with words and use beautiful sentences to describe a situation. You can say that you get a huge applaud from the people when you do poetry, and you can say that your books are already in the market.

But when it comes to the coursework or assignment writing, you can find yourself in a totally different zone. Although its right that you have flair in English writing and you can write hundreds of words without getting bothered. But coursework writing is something in which you have to do several other things as well. When you write an assignment, you have to do thorough research on the topic of your assignment to gather relevant information, have to deal with the task of formatting your assignment as well to make it look attractive, and you have to make sure that your put references in your assignment. Otherwise, your professor could get miffed. So, its necessary for you to not attempt it yourself if you dont have idea to do any of these things as it could be hurtful for your academics.

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