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Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business or a company. Any individual who starts a venture is entirely responsible for success or failure. To run a business, one has to employ human resource, Business model and Finance. For the last few years, the term entrepreneurship has gained popularity among fresh college graduates. From the best campuses in the UK and the US, we see around 20-30% Entrepreneurs every year. Many of them fail, but a single successful business brings change to society and productive employment.

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Entrepreneurship is a subject that you cannot learn by reading books. It is the subject that is practical and requires a deeper understanding of the business. Any model that can reduce the effort for humans and bring some value to the public can be a successful step towards entrepreneurship. For example, Whatsapp is a company that started with the sole intention of bringing people close to each other. There was no monetary intention behind the model, however, it was bought by Facebook for a really high price. It shows what should be the right intention for starting a business.

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What are the expectations of the Entrepreneurship coursework at the university? What kind of assignments can you expect from the Professor? As part of your coursework, you will come across the assignments that require you to research about the existing business models. You may ask to develop an entirely new business proposal. Entrepreneurship is the subject that guides you towards a successful career as an owner or founder of a company. Our tutors can assist you with a wide variety of subjects and it is one of such subjects.

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