Things You Should Avoid While Facing an MBA Interview

MBA is the most popular degree program among the youngsters at the moment. Although it has been around in the curriculum of thousands of universities for around hundred years. But it has become a rage among the students as there is a surge in the industrial sector that has lead to the increase in the demand for professionals with excellent management skills.

So, you might also be a student who is thinking of making a career in MBA. However you have to get admission in a college for that and the admission process might include not just an entrance but an interview as well. Lots of students go through entrance test easily but find it difficult to tackle their MBA interview. You might also face the same problem in the admission process, so keeping this thing in mind, we have come up with a write-up that tries to give you an idea of what things you should do while attending an MBA interview.

Things You Should Avoid While Facing an MBA Interview

Eye contact is a must

Here comes the first point, when you find yourself standing outside the interview room, take a deep breath, calm yourself down and enter the room with a smile on face. Take you seat confidently and start the interview, after the interview starts and you have to answer something, make sure that you answer every question by making an eye contact with the interviewer. If you don’t make an eye contact, the interviewer might get the feeling that you are nervous or lack confidence.

Dont divert from the topic

Second thing you need to do while facing an MBA interview is to make sure that you dont divert from the topic that is being discussed in the interview. For example, if the interviewer asks you about your views on HR then you should give the answer that discusses HR not some other topic such as operation management, etc.

Make sure to give to the point answer

Lots of students have the wrong notion that interviews get conduct to see ones communication and presentation skills. Its right to an extent as well but it doesnt mean that you can keep blabbering whatever you want and can crack an interview this way. Instead, during an interview, you have to be aware that interviewers are not there to listen to you all day, so you need to give to the point answer to whatever question they pose in front of you.

Dont fake it, just dont

I can expect that you might have witnessed such cases where someone got laughed at because of faking it in front of someone. So, you might also find yourself in the same situation if your try to fake it in your interview. That’s why you should try not to discuss the things that you are unaware of and you should simply say I don’t know the answer or something like that if you don’t know the answer of a question.

Try talking

Although we have discussed above how rambling about something can mar your chances of getting admission in an MBA college, same could happen if you talk too little. The reason is simple, when you are facing an interview, you are expected to give an answer, the appropriate answer to be precise. If you don’t do so, there are less chances that you will get selected. So, try talking without getting on rambling mode.

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