Must Read Books for Teachers

So, Summer vacation has started and kids as well as teachers are free from the stress of academics. It is quite obvious that we dont need to tell the kids how to enjoy their much-awaited summer holidays.They have lots of fine ideas of enjoying it fully. But when it comes to the teachers, they might get bored of long summer holidays and might find it hard to kill time. You might also be a teacher dealing with such situation, but there is a solution and that is to read a book. Yes, reading a book could be an ideal choice for you during the summer vacations because its an excellent way of passing time and learning something that could prove helpful for you in improving your teaching skills.


So, lets have to a look at the top teaching books your can read during the summer break.

The promise of a pencil: How an ordinary person can create extraordinary change by Adam Braun

This book covers an inspiring story that revolves around a young man who built more than 250 schools around the world. This book made it to the New York Times bestseller list. In this book, Adam Braun explains how he found his calling and tries to tell the steps that every person can take to reach his or her goals.

Teach like a pirate: Increase student engagement, boost your creativity and Transform your life as an educator by Dave Burgess

It is a compelling book that is based on the Dave Burgess’s seminars, Outrageous teaching and Teach like a pirate. You can gain lots of inspiration, innovative ideas by reading it and can learn many practical techniques as well. That could prove helpful for you in boosting your creativity and increasing student engagement.

How learning works: Seven research based principles for smart teaching by multiple authers

It is a book that has been written by multiple authers after doing much research on the issue of how students learn. In this book the authers have come up with seven techniques on how teaching works, they have also explained challenging issues like how to motivate the children to do well in the studies and many other things such as the importance of having an effective organization.

School culture rewired: How to define, assess and transform it by Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker

A school is not just a place for students to study, it also has a culture, traditions and objectives. In this book the authers Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker have come up with the advices and strategies for assessing, defining and turning a school’s culture where students can learn effectively.

Flip your classroom: Reach every student in every class, every day by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams

The writer duo of this book, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams started writing this book after realizing a problem that lots of students face day in day out. This problem is like sometimes students get stuck on some question and cant find its answer and they also find it tough to deal with their Assignment problems as well. So, keeping this thing in mind, this duo came up with a book that discusses why its important for a teacher to reach his or her students every day.

So, it was a writing piece from us to suggest you some books that you can read to improve your teaching skills during the summer holidays. Hope it was helpful.

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