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MBA Case Study: what Skills your Professor Analyzes through the Case Study

In MBA, universities and professors use different measures to evaluate your academic performance. An MBA case study is one of it. Unlike the other types of academic assignments, a case study helps your teacher to evaluate your various skills related to the management field.

mba case study analysis

What are those skills? Well, as an online assignment help provider, we care about your academics as much as you do. Thus, we will try to give you an idea of the same through this writing piece.

Analytical skills

You pursue a management course to learn the craft of the same. You do it in order to become a market leader. Having good analytical skills is one of the primary and most important requirement for that.

Thus, through the MBA assignment, your professor try to assess how well you have analyzed the case given in the academic paper and what measures you have taken to get the best possible results.

Quantitative skills

Management is the area where you not only need to have to be smart enough to play some tactics using the management principles and your imagination, but you also need to play with the numbers in no time.

You could be asked to find a solution using the numbers in the MBA case study. Thus, you need to be at your best in the maths while attempting a coursework.

Leadership skills

You aspire to become a leader of an organization right from the time you pursue an MBA degree course. You learn many principles and theories on how to lead a company effectively.

You have to show your leadership skills in the academic assignment. You have to write about various things such as who is an ideal leader and how good decisions could be made by the managers.

Presentation and communication skills

In management, you are expected to take charge of a group of the individuals in an organization. Presentation and communication play a crucial role in that.

Your academic case study gives the idea to the professor on how well you present something and how good are in communicating through writing.

Determination and confidence

As a manager, you lead a group of people to reach a certain goal. So, if you are not determined to reach your goal, then you can’t expect anything from the others. Your teacher also tries to evaluate your determination using the MBA coursework.

Confidence is the key to success in any field. It also holds much importance in the eyes of the evaluator when it comes to your assignment.

Personality traits

A manager works in a team, so, there is no doubt about the importance of a manager having likable behavior and personality.

Your professor judges various traits in your personality through your MBA case study. Attitude, patience, assertiveness, team members and controlled aggression are some of the qualities that come under the scanner.

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Companies Helping the Educational Institutions

There is no doubt in the fact that renowned people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and many others have reached success by starting their journey from the school. All of these famous names understand the significant part education has played in helping them reach where they are.

The success and understanding the value of education have made them compassionate and today, they are playing their part in helping the schools. So, let’s have a look at the list of some of the companies that are doing the same.


The Facebook co-founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg founded the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative with his wife, Priscilla Chan. It is a nonprofit organization and is focussed on helping the science and education sectors. This foundation named after both Zuckerberg and his wife has donated millions of dollars to the school districts and many different education based organization all over US.


The Coca-Cola is of the leaders in soft drink and beverages industry. It has a philanthropic arm since its inception in 1984 that is called as “The Coca-Cola Foundation.” The company has been spending one percent from its prior year’s operating income every year for the betterment of the local people of its area of operations worldwide. They are helping the school education worldwide as well.


Bill and Melinda Gates are famous philanthropists. They offer help to the people through their non-profit organization named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This organization also focuses on K-12 education in US. Strengthening the connection between teachers and students is also the focus of this foundation. Along with the donation programs, this organization also tries to find new solutions that could prove helpful for the students to realize their potential.


Google offers help to the educational institutions through its philanthropic arm, They provide Google Education services to the schools and they also offer grants to the schools worldwide. This organization not only helps the schools solve problems in various areas but also offer community grants to effect the local schools as well as communities.


Walt Disney Company has been actively helping the children and schools. They have donated 23.1million books in the last four years. This company has also donated 333.3 million to non-profit organizations in helping kids, families as well as communities.

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Is Opting for Law Assignment Help the Right Choice for the Students?

Writing an academic assignment on the tough subject as law is not a easy task. In addition, you may not be able to attempt it due to various reasons at times.

In such circumstances, you might consider to try law assignment help online to get your coursework written. However, you may have some concerns such as would you get a well-written assignment if you opt for a writing service online.

We understand your concern well. Thus, we will try to give you an idea of why getting your law coursework written online could prove to be the right choice for you.


You can get your coursework written by skillful writers

As mentioned above, you might have difficulty in writing a law assignment. It could be cause of lack of  time, unfamiliarity with the academic writing or cause of some other reason.

Opting for a writing service online could give you the chance to get your coursework written by skillful writers. These writers have excellent knowledge of academic writing as they write thousands of words for the students on daily basis.

All you have to do is specify your coursework requirements to them and they can write a quality assignment for you.

You get a plagiarism-free, well-formatted and referenced assignment

You must be well-aware about the significance of a plagiarism-free, formatted and fully referenced assignment. It could prove helpful for you in getting valuable grades.

Online academic writers start writing your coursework after doing thorough research on the topic and write it using simple language and fill the technical words using their law vocabulary.

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You can attempt other tasks

It is obvious that you may have many academic tasks to attempt at times and you may be finding it tough to get time to do these tasks.

If you opt for an assignment writing service online, then you can get ample time to do your other academic tasks.

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Manipulatives in the classrooms

Manipulatives are referred to those tangible objects that help in classification, multiplication and calculation of mathematical tasks. Equations, fractions and patterns make the most of mathematics so they are also solved by manipulatives. The common manipulatives that are used in the classrooms are attribute blocks, geometric shapes, unifix cubes, fraction bars and counting cubes. The everyday items can also be taken as manipulatives such as buttons, marbles, bingo chips, beans, dice so on and so forth. Not only these, there are virtual manipulatives as well and they can found in countless varieties like pictures, puzzles and games. The process includes engaging colors and sounds to create game out of math. So the concept of manipulatives allows students to keep their interests alive.


Benefits of manipulatives

The proponents of using manipulatives in the classrooms believe that they allow students to actively and effectively construct their own understanding of math. The following points can tell more about use of manipulatives:

  • With the help of manipulatives, students are able to explore, develop and discuss as to how the ideas and concepts of math are applied.
  • They make math concepts more interesting and engaging.
  • Computers are also manupulatives that are widely in the classrooms now.
  • There are countless manipulatives in the form of online resources and are easily incorporated in the classrooms
  • They encourage active learning
  • They encourage group participation in different learning activities
  • They help in counting, sorting and organizing
  • Integer bars, grid papers, 3D geometrical shapes are aiding to the younger students to a great extent.

Manipulatives certainly have numerous advantages for the students to learn and know things from a different perspective. However, some educational experts and our assignment help UK experts also believe that manipulatives may prevent them from learning abstract learning skills.

Things to Remember While Attending a Parent-Teacher Meeting

Parents and teacher are the two persons who hold much importance in a kids life. Parents are someone who send a kid to school to help them learn and a teacher is a person who plays the main role in teaching a student about things that could come handy to a kid in the professional as well as personal life.

So, both of these individuals need to learn about their value and keep doing efforts to help a kid in excelling in the academics. A parent-teacher meeting is an effective way of helping students. Through this method, parents get to know how their kid is doing in the academics and what a parent and teacher need to do to help the kid perform well in the academics.

As a parent, you may also get invited to attend a parent-teacher meeting.That’s why as an online assignment help provider, we have come up with a write-up that tries to tell you the things you should remember while attending a parent-teacher meeting.

Tips for teacher parents meeting

Come up with questions and answers after discussing the school with the kid beforehand

Just like your kid does homework before going to school every day, you also need to do some homework before attending a parent-teacher meeting. For that, you should discuss the school matters with your kid, you should try to find out is your kid happy with his or her teacher? What things your kid finds it hard to learn and you should also try to know at what subjects your kid is getting better. This way you will be able to come up with the questions to ask from the teachers and will also find it easy to answer the questions posed by your kids teacher.

Have a friendly talk with the teacher

As a responsible parent, you must be aware of the fact that a teacher is someone who plays a key role in the success of your kids life. A teacher is someone who helps your kid in improving the inborn skills that your kid possesses and in developing the new ones as well. So, when you attend a parent-teacher meet up you should make sure to have a friendly talk with the teacher even if your kid is not doing well in the academics. We are suggesting it because there is a possibility that your kid might be the wrong one, instead of the teacher.

Try to come up with the solution of the problems

After you are done talking with the teacher, you should try to come up with a solution of the problems your kid is facing. As mentioned above, there could be problems from the both sides. It is possible that your kid might not be able to learn something due to lack of proper attention from the teacher. On the flip side, there is a chance that your kid might lack motivation to learn. So, you should just keep cool and try to come up with a solution with the teacher to help your kid in getting better at the academics.

So, it was a write-up from us to give you an idea of what you should do while attending a parent-teacher meetup. You could read more such articles here on our site from time to time.

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Are You Scared of Your Campus Interview?

As soon as you get into the final year of your college, you feel the excitement of getting a job through campus placement. On the other hand, you feel scared of what if you don’t get placed. However, worrying about it won’t get you anywhere, so it’s better for you not to worry and prepare for it keeping the following tips in mind.

Tips for campus interview

 Find out the nature of your campus interview

Although its tough to find out whether the companies are looking for suitable candidates for their open positions or they are hunting for students with good CVs. But when you sit in front of the recruiters, you can ask them if they some specific openings, after that you can make a decision on how much effort you need to put on in that interview.

 Know about the company

It’s also a must for you to do some research to gain information about the company you are applying for. By knowing about the company, you can impress the interviewer showing your knowledge about them.

Visit another career fair as well

Attending your campus job fair might not be enough for you. So, you should try to attend other college job fair as well. This way you might stumble upon the companies that you didn’t get to meet in your college and might get a job there.

Make a summary of your internship or some job experience you have

An interview is something that doesn’t take too long to sum up, so you can’t describe it whatever you have done throughout your college years, for example, some internship or some part-time job. That’s why you should prepare a summary of your these experience and should show it to the interviewers if necessary.

Learn to tackle the behavioral questions

Behavioral questions are something that has an open ending and are asked by interviewers to know your experiences and application related competencies. So, you should try to recount the troubles you had in past and what measures you took to deal with those problems.

Prepare well for GD and PI

Companies usually take the first round of GD to spot the students with leadership skills. After that, they conduct personal interviews to select the candidates. So, you should prepare well for both of these to get a job through campus placement.

Wear formals

Although a company might not have a dress code for its employees, its a must for you to wear formal attire for an interview because an interview is a professional interaction and you need to show professionalism there.

Don’t be afraid of accepting your mistakes

It’s another important thing that is a must for you to do because giving the wrong answer won’t help you, and if you say that you are not familiar with the answer to a question or accept the mistake you made, then you will get applauded for it.

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Do You Have Slow Learners in Your Class? Try These Tips

Students having a problem in understanding math is not something new. This subject comprises many tough concepts that are not easy to learn, and many students might also be facing some difficulty in learning math. But it doesn’t mean that they are a slow learner. They also possess same intellectual abilities as their classmates and can do well in math. But, they might have a problem in concentrating, and there is also a possibility that they don’t learn by the normal way of teaching. That’s why educationists have come up with some techniques that might prove helpful in teaching the students who have a problem in dealing with math.

 slower learners

Make learning more practical

It’s a fact that even normal kids don’t like learning in the strict atmosphere so it’s harder for a slow learner as well. That’s why you should try to teach them doing additions, subtractions and multiplication using things like flowers, biscuits, etc.

Teach individually or in small groups

It’s quite obvious that student who learns slow need special attention from the teacher. So, you should teach them individually and learn where they have a problem. Also, teaching these students in small groups might prove beneficial as well because the students will not only learn the subject but will improve their social skills as well.

Customized classes

Students want to learn the classes that are fun filled. So, keeping this thing in mind, many organizations offer customized plans for slow learners to improve their skills. That’s why the school could also take professional help and having good follow-ups to help these children at home could also prove beneficial for them.

 Try sound therapy

It is an effective way of helping the students who have a problem in learning math.In this method, the therapist uses sound and tools which stimulate auditory pathways to help students in improving their concentration power. This therapy might also come handy in enhancing the auditory transmission in the brain by stimulating the muscles near the ear passage and might help them in regaining the original power or capability.

 Cognition training

Processing and cognitive enhancement training program or PACE. It’s a technique that might be helpful for the students in enhancing their level of perception and cognition and might be helpful for the students in increasing their focus, especially on the subject like math. Moreover, it could also boots students neurological connections and could prove helpful for students in growing fast in the academics.

So, it was a writing piece from us that tries to discuss the new techniques that could be helpful for the students in learning math in an effective way. Hope it was helpful, and if any of your students have a problem in a writing assignment, then you can ask him or her to avail our assignment help online. We are a company that is popular among the students from the UK, Australia, and many other countries for providing a quality assignment help. Our company has assembled a team of assignment writers who are talented enough to deal with the tough task of assignment writing. So, refer our online assignment help to your students and help them in climbing to the top in the academics.

How To Survive In College

College life is something that is different from school life. In college life, you might hope that you don’t have to deal with teacher scolding on you for not doing your homework or assignment, you might also expect to get much more time to spend with your friends and to enjoy your hobbies. But in college you get a lot more assignments with the higher difficulty level, has to give time to make presentations and have to deal with the worry of getting good marks in exams. So, this type of pressure could take a toll on your mind. So, as an assignment help online provider, we have come up with some tips that could come handy to you in doing well in college.

how to survive in college

Set a time table and follow it

First of all, you must set a timetable keeping in mind that how much time you need to give from writing law assignment to study groups. Otherwise, there is a risk of you not being able to give ample time to all the things you need to do to excel in your college life.

Study in group for each subject

Studying in a group is an effective way of learning. This way learning becomes fun because you study with your friends, and you can share your learning techniques with them and can learn from them as well. So, you should make a study group and try to study in a group two times for two hours before every test or exam.

Try Joining clubs

Clubs are something where you can learn many things that might help you later in life. By joining a club, you can learn new things that you can add to your resume later on, you can make new friends and can get new life experiences by helping others.

Talk to your teacher or professor

In college, a professor teaches many students every semester, and don’t get time to give individual attention to you. That’s why you should not hold back if you have a problem in attempting your assignment as your professor won’t know if you have some difficulty in writing your assignment if you don’t talk to him.

Spend time with positive people

College life is something that is the base of your professional life. So, its a must for you to spend your time with the people who are positive and could boost your confidence if you face difficulty in your academics.

Have a healthy diet

Youngers have one thing common among them and that they skip their breakfast or lunch due to some reasons, and it affects their mental as well as physical health. So, you should make sure that you eat healthy food on time and avoid fast food.

Get proper sleep

Sleep is something that is a must for you to stay physically and mentally fit. So, you should make sure that you get 7-8 hours sleep daily by sleeping early at night.

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Trending Technologies and their uses in the classrooms

Though technology is trending among classrooms, you should take care of it. Otherwise that will be a disaster for your classes. Technology trends for which you should be careful in classrooms are given below:

Mobile phones in classroom
Mobile phones can both be helpful and harmful. Choice is yours
  1. Use of Mobile Phones in the Classroom

Mobile phones can be very useful for students.  These mobile phones can be used as a camera for media projects, used for Internet access and graphing calculators. Their countless implementations will progress continuously with the addition of new technology. Though there is a fear of cheating or disturbing conversations via text message appear largely, but the mobile fans argue that these issues existed in the classroom long before even before the beginning of mobile phones.

In order to keep track of using Smartphones in the classroom is Poll Everywhere. Poll Everywhere can track live viewers polling via SMS text messages or the internet. This is offered with some prices for the corporate sector, but the free version is very famous for instructors who utilise this polished app for classroom studies and surveys.

  1. Using of Microblogging via Social Media

Think of microblogging leads to social networking site like “Twitter”. It is the king of all microblogging sites, where you can type 140-character texts which are sent out as “tweets” to your followers and subscribers either from the Twitter website or through other SMS (short message service) applications. It is very hard to avoid the use of Twitter. Some teachers make the classroom as “Twittersphere”.

Some teachers make use of Twitter simply to remind class stuffs to students. For example: “math test on Monday!” and which is very short and simple.

  1. Mouse Mischief

In education, budget is a huge problem. Every student cannot afford a laptop in the classroom. Microsoft is very helpful teacher which will see things on that way. It’s program Mouse Mischief ( works quickly with Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing teachers to comprise interactive factors like multiple choice questions in their presentations. So that students can easily use wireless or wired USB mouse and click their answers in real time. It is an easy and swift tool for student to engage them. And Microsoft has made board simple for teachers by enabling single-click commands and teacher can manage that disable mouse and set timers with other things. This design prolongs up to 40 mouse in one classroom and it has been successfully examined across the world.

The principle is nearly equal to that of Poll Everywhere text polls, but takes advantage of what most of the schools already have. For most of the students who have ever prepared a PowerPoint Presentation, Mouse Mischief is a welcome venture into the synergistic classroom technology.

Final Points:

Though the above things are trending in classrooms now, it should be taken care that these technologies are used properly by students. They never try to surf any unhealthy website, neither in the classroom nor outside. Use of trending technology makes students smarter, but it has both its own pros and cons.

You can learn more about the technical issues and debatable topics about education by following our blog. It is an article written by our assignment writing expert provider based out in the UK.