Project development life cycle | Based on Java, PHP and .Net

Creating a project from scratch involves the process of organizing, planning, controlling and coordinating all the resources for achieving a certain goal. This blog is mainly focused on technical projects which involve the study of programming languages such as Java and PHP. By using a series of phases: definition, initiation, design, development, testing, and implementation. Further, in the blog, we will discuss Project development cycle and some examples of programming projects based on JAVA.


A standard project mainly has four major phases with each having their own process of tasks and issues starting from planning and initiation to their closure and implementation. You can get any help from some web services that charge you a fraction of money and will assist you in any way for your project development. These websites hire Assignment expert who is proficient in project development.

  • Initiation phase of the project cycle depends on the research and identifying the objective need for creating such a project. This phase requires a feasibility study to investigate whether the need to develop such a plan is accurate and can be fruitful in the future.
  • The planning phase of the project is to identify the number of tasks and resource requirements. It encompasses creating an outline of all the activities, dependencies, task and timeframes. The process also includes the preparation of the project budget and cost-effective ways to achieve them.
  • Execution process is to carry down all the tasks that we have planned in the earlier phase of the project cycle. The two main keys to achieving this process are communication and control over resources. Frequent team meetings and monitoring the pre-planned tasks are parts of the execution process.
  • Closing phase refers to the final course of action which emphasis on releasing the official project to the public and big corporations. This phase relies on identifying and updating the necessary variations by the use of customer feedback services.
Life cycle of project development

Going ahead with the blog we will try to explain you the project life cycle by some famous examples of project based on Java and PHP. This should be noted on the reader’s part that these projects are wildly famous among students pursuing computer science degree as a final project submission for their assessments.

Banking System project in JavaScript

You must be familiar with banking system service which your respective bank offers to let you make money transaction anywhere on the go. You have to need a network connected system and an online banking access key provided by your bank. The program is coded in Javascript for the front end programming and MySql for backend data processing. To implement this project, life cycle theory suggests us to identify and define the need for such a project. The planning phase of the project calculates the number of resources we are going to need to apply such a project on a public basis. A basic online banking system should have at least some features to make itself feasible which are mentioned below.

  • A user who enrolls for online banking system with their bank is provided with a username and access key. He can fill in the homepage of the designed web portal.
  • After filling out a number of security measures, the user is allowed to see his account details, bank balance, transaction history, and his subscribed bank services.
  • Other banking services such as adding a beneficiary and sending money using banking techniques such as NEFT or IMPS.
  • The user can make a number of request regarding his banking such as adding a nominee or request a new debit/credit card.
  • An external link to provide him all the information about security measures and a number of atm’s located in the region.
  • He could see all the written policies, condition and closure act of bank in case he wishes to close his bank account.

Technical aspect of banking system

Java is an object-oriented, concurrent programming language. Its primary attribute is its flexibility and ability to run on any platform that has a Java virtual machine. That is one of the main reason why Java is also known as Write once, run anywhere (WORA) language. It’s dynamic, and security attribute, multithreaded programming, and high performance make it different from other complicated high-end coding languages. The banking system is written in JSP extension because of java’s efficiency, versatility, and portability. A student needs to be apt on every practical aspect of Java as well as MySql else he will face errors while compiling. The program equips itself with two types of access modules which are user and admin. Both of them have their own set of powers and functions.

Admin being the strongest in the hierarchy will have access to all the account. He is going to manage all the reports and add or close the account. He is allowed to take strict security measure in case any user tries to break in the system. On the other side, a typical user will have all the access about his account like money transfer, view bank balance and view his ongoing transaction with banks. An online banking system could be a unique java project for your assessment grades.

Network-based Discussion Form by Php

Just as the roman suggested, a forum is a public place situated in the town hall or market where open discussions on political and judicial issue took place. In today’s digital era, the forum has taken its form as an online web page where users can have discussion and argument about a specific topic. A logical forum web page is designed and maintained by a group of people for a primary objective to organize a debate over a set of a general topic. Web development language such as PHP is used to design such forum. For example, In case if I am having some trouble with my firmware on my one plus phone, I could directly go to One plus’s official forum website to look for mine issue. The members who have gathered and answers your questions are either developer or had the same problem in their mobile phones. To understand more about the features of a forum portal first, we should be aware of the practical approach of PHP language.

PHP as a web development language

PHP is known as a scripting language that is mostly used to create interactive web applications and web pages. A website developed using PHP can do a lot more thing than other web development languages. For example the pages designed over PHP can be password protected. PHP originally meant for Personal home page. Embedded into HTML code, A PHP code is enabled to execute itself in CLI ( command line interface ). The program we aim to design will need to have three type of panels or access module which are mentioned below.

  • Limited access: It meant for user who came to browse over your forum or website. He does not have any access to put a comment or review comments unless he signs up himself by filling out a form.
  • Unlimited access: The user who logins using their credential can post his comment or views on the subject. He can control his account by checking out his past activities with the forum.
  • Admin Panel: The most robust panel of them all, he has access to ban the users and delete the comments if they do not satisfy forum guidelines. He can also look through all the activities and start a new discussion portal for users.

The software and framework required to create an online discussion form are XAMPP and WAMP servers.

Rules and regulations for access

  • The user has to fill out his credentials such as email address, username, and password to become an active member of the forum.
  • On the frontlist, he will witness all the discussion portals currently active about a specific field of line.
  • He can choose one of the discussion portals and can view threads of comments.
  • He can post his views and comments under the forum guidelines by not inciting or use any hatred, prejudice and sexist remark for other user participating in the discussion.
  • He can add his icon picture and icon frame to show if he is pro or against the issue.

Creating a PHP forum from scratch can be tricky for students who are unaware of its coding and practical approach. Assignment help online website offers an individual plan for every student who visits their site for assignment and starts working initially after a necessary payment. A 24/7 chat support service is always accessible for any of your queries about your project development.

Mobile payment service application .Net project

Web-based mobile payment application is designed to pay for goods and services using your mobile phone with encryption. This project development demands a thorough study of subjects such as Java to create a user interface. He also needs to be apt in SQL for back-end data processing and some encryption method for security. In today’s world people residing almost anywhere on the planet are connected to the network resources. So the use of payment web services can be beneficial for making green earth. The project is aimed upon to create an application system to assist mobile users in sending and requesting money from known users. The user can also shop things using a barcode scanner anywhere with a single touch of a button.

Please note that this system is different than the banking system as it provides an additional wallet to make transaction faster with privatized servers.

Technical aspect of .Net project

A .net project is infused with all sorts of programming to make an algorithm feasible. For this project, a JavaScript is used to write front end web service with an advanced user interface to create app interactive. After logging in with right credentials, he can opt for a series of available offers and services. He can either pay for a good using bar code scanner technology or shop something over the internet with a mobile wallet. Its user-friendly interface helps the user to sort and locate services. Mysql programming is used to access and retrieve the data from the database servers. Some modules are designed to make sure the whole transaction is convenient and secure.

  • Administrator penal is used for the logging in the application with the correct user id. The admin has control over developer attributes of the system. He can also access the complaint center to look over the complaints filed by users. He can update the ongoing offers and terms related to the app.
  • Customer penal allows the user to opt from hundreds of services. He can top up his mobile phone numbers choosing from different telecom vendors.
  • A web registration penal appears when a user wants to buy a specific service or when he signs up for the app for the very first time. Once he has completed his registration, the admin sends the user id and password using automated email service.
  • Authentication penal helps the system to make the whole transaction more secure by adding an extra layer of security such as one-time password over SMS or thumbprint match.
  • A report penal generates the receipt or ticket at the end of the transaction to give the user a token of proof. He can also download the whole receipt in pdf/doc format. The user can also complain regarding an issue and collect the company receipt for reference number.


To be concluded, all these projects need to follow a perfect project life cycle starting from Initiation till implementing. Most of CS projects require a thorough study of computer science along with the determination and research to fully achieve them for the public. Also, they are going to need some certificates from government bodies to officially release them for the audience. A mobile payment app is going to require a license and authorized payment gateway before it makes its first transaction.

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