What is a case study and how to write it in a better way?

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Case Study

What is a Case Study?

A case study is in-depth research of any individual, community or a group or any unit. This consists of any specific research or a method of analysis for analyzing any issue or a problem. The case study is a research strategy, regularly found in social and life sciences.

There is not only one meaning of case study research. Though, in a simple way, ‘a case study can be characterized as an in-depth study of an individual, group of individuals or an entity whose reason for existing is to generalize numerous units’.

A case study has additionally been represented as a deep, deliberate examination of a group, single or network or some other entity in which the researcher looks at intensive information identified with various factors

Frequently, numerous such matters are viewed as, for example, social service or educational programs which are given in numerous places. Although comparable, they have unique features and are very complex.

In these conditions, assessment of numerous cases will give a superior response to a research question in a similar case, if just a single case is explored, of so many cases. Guaranteeing that cases are delegated and seen as an element, which is called quintain.

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a process or record of research into the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time.


Steps are the same as different kinds of research while utilizing the case study system.

  • The initial step is characterizing a single case or identifying a group of comparable cases, which can later be incorporated into various-case studies. To figure out what is known about the matter, it is normally organized.
  • This may incorporate the review of grey literature, literature, reports, media and more, which attempts to build up an essential understanding of matters and notifies the growth of research questions.
  • Data in the case study are often, however not especially, in subjective nature. In many case studies, analysis across the cases and within the case study is analyzed.
  • A case study can be created by following a formal research technique. These case studies are probably going to be found in formal research spaces, as professional conferences and magazines, rather than mainstream works.
  • The body of ‘Case Study’, has for some time been a critical place in various occupations and subjects, from sociology, anthropology, psychology and political science to education, social work, clinical science and administrative science.
  • In research of case study, the “case” being studied can be an organization, person, action or event, which exists at a particular time and place. For example, Clinical Science has created both the popular case studies of people and has studied clinical practices.
  • In any case, when “case” is utilized in a theoretical sense as in a claim, an argument or a proposition, at that point such a case might be the subject of many research strategies, not simply research of a case study.

Benefits of Case Study

In a case that a researcher needs to study a phenomenon emerging from a specific unit, at that point a single case study is justified and will take into account a deep understanding of the single phenomenon and, as told above, will incorporate collecting a wide range of information.

  • Utilizing multi-disciplinary research allows a deeper understanding of cases as an article, embedded inside quintain through similarities and comparison of various cases.
  • Evidence created from the many-case study is generally stronger and more dependable than single-case study research about.
  • The multi-case study takes into consideration progressively broad investigation of research questions and the development of theory.
  • But as you all know that when there are advantages then there are limitations too. It is hard to change the sheer amount of information and data investigation and integration techniques must be thought cautiously.
  • There is in some cases an impulse to avoid research focus. Reporting of discoveries from research investigations of numerous cases is in sometimes very challenging, particularly as for the word limit for some journal papers.

Types of Case Studies

There are a total of 4 types of case studies in business research. These are:

  1. “No Theory First” Case Study
  2. “Gaps and Holes” Case Study
  3. “Social construction of reality” Case Study
  4. “Anomalies”

These four methodologies have their very own uses, yet it is essential to understand their special epistemological and ontological assumptions. There are considerable methodological differences between these methodologies.

Why When What Where How Who

Structure and Selection of Case Study

Generally, an average case is not always rich in data. It is more valuable to choose themes that are unusual, interesting, or particularly revealing set of conditions in the clarifying the lines of history and action.

The choice of a case dependent on the representation will occasionally have the capacity to deliver such insights. While choosing a case for case studies, researchers will utilize a sample which is data-oriented, in contrast to random sampling.

A case can be chosen because of the hidden enthusiasm of the case or its circumstances. On the other hand, it tends to be chosen because of the in-depth knowledge of the researcher; Where the researcher has this regional information, they are in a situation to “splash and strike” and in this way present the reasoned lines of clarification based on this rich learning of circumstances and setting.

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Stages of Case Studies

  • It all starts with deciding process, situation, location and time which must be carefully planned by you. Who will investigate and observe the case and for how much time, all this must be planned.
  • A clear language must be used by you in planning a case study. The vocabulary and terminology must be similar to all those which were used in the studying the situation; that is, the courtroom, the factory, account firm or the restaurants.
  • You must prepare some series of questions which will be helping you to collect the relevant information or data for the study, and how the information will be analyzed after collecting it.
  • The recommended questions must be considered on any proposal that will consider the study. Choose which units of calculation of study will be utilized (i.e., measurements, for example, digital, analogue, metric, etc). Choose how it will be connected to the planned proposition. Settle on the terms of reference and criteria for how the outcomes will be broke down or translated.
  • Also, write down the goals of the study.
  • While examining and observing, ensure that every one of the participants understands the process, purpose and the result you need.
  • Gather all records, questions of the interview, participants and materials and organize a few meetings to guarantee everybody is ready till the start of the study and everything is prepared.
  • Guarantee that all writings, records, information, etc are created on compatible frameworks, language and software.
  • Distinguish the individual who will cross any editing or vital investigation and the individual who will compose the final one.
  • Guarantee that the case study is done in strict conditions like the writing test.

How to select a topic for a case study?

  • A case study that isn’t focused for specific audiences of people and does not solve the issues that individuals experience with are not significant. In this manner, before picking a case study subject, you should set your intended interest group and be familiar with it.
  • When you stand up to its needs and issues, at that point you can have a reasonable thought of which subject your group of the audience might be interested.
  • While writing a topic, recognize the principle issues inside it and clarify why they are critical. Along these lines, you will concentrate more on the arrangement of your case study, and in this way increasingly important.

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Key Points to Consider

  • At the point when students need to realize how to compose a case study, they have to address two factors: the procedure included, and the technique for composing the conclusions.
  • The case must be assigned or chosen.
  • All materials must be gathered before analyzing and taking notes. Generally, observations are recorded on a spreadsheet or on a grid,  after the identification of various procedure and tasks identified, named and listed. All grids, sheets and books must be assembled, and the pages of related material must be set apart as marked as per the plan.
  • More than some other researcher’s work, raw figures and facts are more essential than opinions and ideas while working at a case study. Every one of the figures and facts must pursue a plan that figures out what the case study will test, for to what extent and under which conditions. The number of participants, location or premises where it will be, and every pertinent detail must be resolved before they begin.
  • A case study must be properly cited with the help of Chicago/Turabian and APA/MLA.
  • The note-taking system which is self-device is commonly ideal since it helps in keeping every one of the calculations and observations in the right order. In a case that the case study is to be effective, then its organization is imperative, and time management skills must be cautiously observed.
  • The primary points of the study of an investigative or observational case must be sought, planned and revealed. Each passage in the report should manage one angle or process, and clarify what can be found in the outline or spreadsheet.
  • You must consider the point that the case study must be precise, academic and formal.

Points to consider while writing a case study.

  • Avoid cutting corners. Writing a case study in hurry will definitely result in some omissions and errors.
  • Always remember that a case study must be written on the basis of investigation, observation,  analysis and report.
  • Avoid hesitating!
  • Avoid presenting an unprepared and rushed writing.
  • Try to follow the advice of your colleagues. As the idea or opinion of any one of them might bring up a new and fresh idea for you.

Sample/Format of a Case Study

  1. Abstract: This will consist of a brief overview of your case on which you will write a case study. This should now be more than 300-350 words.
  2. Introduction: In this, you will write about the key issues and problems that you have identified for the case study.
  3. Background: Here you will explain the scenario. You will use all the relevant facts and the important issues that are needed to be discussed.
  4. Evaluation: Here you will be outlining the different phases of the case study and you will be targeting. You will have to evaluate all these parts by explaining what really is working or not?
  5. Proposal:  Here you will write about your proposed plan or solution or any kind of changes needed.
  6. Recommendation: Here you will write about all those strategies that are needed for the accomplishment of the problem.
  7. References/Bibliography: Citing and referencing are very important for wiring any case study, as you will have to show the evidence of your data used for making your case study.

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