Best Programming Courses for you to blow your mind

Hi Guys. Many of you want to pursue a programming course, right? I know that you are confused, which one to choose from various Programming courses available. Well, this is why I thought to write this article. It will help you choose the right course.

I must tell you that you have made a correct choice in choosing programming courses. Nowadays, every industry is becoming more dependent on technology to function. Programs help various professionals in sales, construction, graphic design, business, healthcare, teaching, etc. to perform their tasks with much more flexibility and ease.

Before moving on to various Programming Courses, you need to understand that what programming is. So, in this article I will cover the following points:

  • What is Programming?
  • Why Choose Programming Courses?
  • Programming Courses which you can Pursue

Let’s get started with our discussion.

What is Programming?

Programming is the science and art of translating different ideas into a program. In easy language, programming is a list of instructions that a computer can follow and thus work on our ideas. The person who writes a program is known as a programmer or a coder.

The form of instruction depends on the programming language. A programming language is very important. It runs the spectrum from a basic machine language, to a higher level like Java. Lower level languages remain tied to the platform for which they are targeted. On the other hand, higher level languages gain a growing amount of platform form the programmer.

In simpler terms, a low-level programming language resembles closely, how a computer works. A high-level programming language resembles the way a human mind works. Both types are good enough, depending on the case in which they have to be used.

What happens once the programmer finishes up writing the program?

After programming is done with writing the program, it is executed. Some languages like Basic, are interpreted. Other languages like C, are first compiled before execution. Interpreted languages get the chance to be executed on the fly when it’s time to run them. But, in case of compiled languages, they need to go through the process of compilation before running.

Once, the program runs, the programmer needs to verify if it’s working according to their intentions. If the program doesn’t work as per the programmer’s intentions, then it is called a bug. For this to get solved, the programmer runs a process known as debugging. Finally, the problem is fixed.

Why Choose Programming Courses?

With the growth of new technologies, the demand for programmers has also increased. Every other industry is becoming more dependent on technology to function. Programs are an important part of any new technology, as they help professionals to do their work with ease and flexibility. So, when there is a high need for programming in the market, the need for programmers increase automatically.

Let me now talk about the earnings of a programmer or a developer. Programmers are highly in demand at the moment in the UK. A programmer earns about £40,000 on an average. It can go up to a good six figure salary as well. You can easily get freelancing projects which pay really well. Being a programmer, you are eligible to work in flexible jobs which can also become exciting. So, isn’t it tempting and fun? Indeed it is. Now, let’s talk about the various programming courses.

Programming Courses which you can Pursue

In this section, I will tell you what are the objectives of a programming course and who is it for? There are various courses in programming like Basics, C++, Java, Python, HTML5, Django and many more. You can either do BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, or you can also opt for numerous online programming courses. If you don’t have time for a proper BSc course, then there are various courses on individual programs like Basics, C++, Java, Python, etc. There are free programming courses too which you can pursue online. I will now be describing each of the above-mentioned programs in brief.

BSc (Hons) In Computer Science

It is a 3-4 year long course depending on the professional training provided by the university.

Who is this degree for?

This degree is suitable for those students who want to make carrier in computing (programming/coding). You should have a strong interest in software technologies. There should be a desire to understand software technologies and their working. You should be well prepared as this field gets updated with time and thus, you have to stay updated as well.


Software and Programming work is used to solve real-world problems. Through this degree, you will develop a systematic knowledge of computer science. You will be able to evaluate different situations to computer science problems, assess new techniques. You will gain an understanding of the structure of programming languages and develop various skills to creatively use coding.

Top 20 Universities in the UK to pursue BSc- Computer Science

Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Durham, St Andrews, University College London, Warwick, Bristol, Manchester, Bath, Southampton, Surrey, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield, York, Lancaster, King’s College London and Loughborough.

Online Programming Courses

There are numerous no. of online programming courses. You just have to enroll yourself and start on with your online classes. The timings of each course vary. Next, I will be sharing mostly opted online programming courses.

  1. Computer Programmer Course

Qualification: Diploma in Software Development

Awarded by: Code Institute

You will become a coder with this course. You will get chance to build your own portfolio by creating real-world applications within your course period.

2. C++ Programming Course

Fee: £29

Qualification: Certificate of Completion

Awarded by: Course Provider

In this course, you will get to learn about C++ Programming. You will also get to learn detail concepts like C Programming Session, Flow Control, Health Insurance, E-Medical Records, and Statistics in Hospital, etc.

3. Java Programming

 Fee: £49

Qualification: 16 CPD Points/ hours, Certificate of Java Programming

Accredited by: The CPD Certification Service

4. Python Programming (Module 1)

Fee: £49

Qualification:  Certificate of completion

Awarded by: Course Provider

It is a short course on Python Programming. In this course, you will learn about Introduction to Python Programming, Strings, and Lists & Tuples. There are next level courses too of python which you can pursue once you are done with this basic module 1.

There are many other such programming courses too which you can opt for. Click here, to know about those courses. You can enroll yourself too.

Free Programming Courses-UK

These 4 best places in the UK will teach you coding for free.



Free Code Camp,



So, guys, this was all about various Programming courses which you can pursue. I hope this article helped you regarding your doubts. If you want me to add something to this article, kindly let me know through your comments below. I would love to learn from you. For any query, or for any Online Assignment Help, you can email us at the id given on our website. Thank you for reading. 🙂