Best and Useful Marketing Courses for you


Hey guys. 🙂 This article will be a box full of information. I will be talking about the various marketing courses-UK which you can pursue. The field of marketing is vast, and you might get confused in choosing the right course for yourself. This is why I am writing this article to help you understand that which course you can pursue.

There are many off-line and online marketing courses available.It’s better to know them before you make any decision. This article will cover the major branches of marketing which you can opt according to their requirements. You will get to know:

  1. What to expect while studying marketing?
  2. Best marketing courses for you.
  3. Useful Online marketing courses.

So, let’s start our article with knowing a bit about these marketing courses.

1) What to expect while studying marketing?


Ok, there is definitely a lot of hard work when you study marketing. But, with hard work, comes strategic thinking and a lot of experience. Do you think, you have those qualities, what it takes for studying marketing? Let’s find out.

Pursuing marketing courses is like, stepping into a competitive world. You need to be creative, competitive, outgoing and persuasive. It is an amazing experience though, as you get to learn so many new strategies and other such competitive things.

The four P’s of marketing

Well, the first thing which you will learn after stepping into any of the marketing courses is, the four P’s. The four P’s denote(Product, Promotion, Price, and Place). You get to learn about how to do the promotion of different products, how to set prices and where to sell those products? With this, you will learn to develop different communication and marketing strategies.

With every new product which is being created, the plans for marketing change. It is to increase the sales. Marketing has many aspects like business, public relations, and advertising. You can go for these degrees as they are related to marketing and are of much importance. One must try to grasp every aspect of marketing as this field is limitless.

The Case studies

This is an important part of learning marketing. Once, you opt any of the marketing courses; you will get different case studies to refer. Teachers also use case studies to teach different aspects like business, advertising, public relation, etc. You will have t o read and refer a lot of case studies. Case studies are a brief analysis of marketing and campaigning efforts of the companies in the past.

Being a Team Leader

When you enter into a marketing course, you need to learn team work as well. So, teams are made, and then all the team members give each other credit points at the end of a project. It surely affects your overall grades. Being a leader is very important. For that, you need to keep that spirit. But, being a leader doesn’t mean that you stop learning from others. It is always good to learn from your team mates.

Attend classes regularly

If you are serious about your career in marketing, then you need to focus on your classroom lessons. Each lesson is important, and thus, you can’t afford to loose on any topic. Your professors are experienced people in this field and they will surely their own experiences in the classroom which will act as a plus point for you. You will get the field knowledge too.

2) Best Marketing Courses- UK


The highest- ranked UK Institutes for marketing and management and business are as follows:

  • University of Bath- 2nd position- BSc Management and marketing.
  • University of Dundee- 5th position- BSc International Business with marketing.
  • Lancaster University- 6th position- BA Marketing and Advertising.
  • Loughborough University- 7th position- Marketing and management, BSc Retailing.
  • Durham University- 8th position- Marketing and management.

Some of the above courses like BSc Business Management and marketing at the University of Birmingham are certified by the Charted Institute of Marketing (CIM). Once, you graduate getting a marketing degree; you can move on to secure jobs in different areas.

Charted Institute of Marketing (CIM) Qualifications

CIM provides various globally-recognized marketing qualifications. If you pursue these qualifications, then your career will move towards a brighter side. So, let’s learn a bit about these qualifications.

  • Foundation Certificate in Marketing- It is perfect for those entrepreneurs and managers who are involved in non-marketing functions. It is also good for people on apprenticeships and new entrants.
  • Certificate in Professional Marketing- It will help you to grow in your marketing career.
  • Diploma in Professional Marketing- It is equivalent to a bachelors degree. It is suitable for marketers on strategic- level and also business development managers.
  • Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing- You can pursue it as an undergraduate program. This is for those marketers who seek to move on to operational and supervisory roles and as managerial roles.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing- It is a masters degree-standard diploma and is taken in two stages. The first stage is to achieve the CIM Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. Stage 2 includes a work-based assignment which is to be completed within 9 months.

Online Marketing Courses

You can easily study marketing courses online, with the help of Digital Marketing Institute. This institute provides various diploma courses in Digital marketing.

By choosing the Professional Diploma in digital marketing, you will be learning about SEO, PPC, key specialisms, mobile marketing and social media marketing. This is a 30- hour course and the exam fee is £1,560.

There is also the practitioner-led advanced Postgraduate Diploma in digital marketing. You will be able to improve your digital skills through this program. This will take around 32 weeks, and it costs around £4,200.

There is another two-year part-time masters program in digital marketing for those senior management professionals, who want to polish their skills a bit more and get their hands on a masters diploma. The cost is £8,400.

In addition to these diploma courses, there are other short online marketing courses too. They include specialist diplomas in:

  • Social media marketing
  • Digital and social selling
  • Digital strategy and planning
  • Search marketing


So, guys, this was all about different marketing courses which you can pursue. I hope your confusions will get clear after reading this article. There are many other marketing courses too, which you can pursue. Click here, to check them out.

If you think, that I have missed on to some information, and you want me to add it in this article. Kindly let me know through your comments below. I would love to learn from you. For any other query or for any online assignment help, you can mail us on the id given on our website. Thank you for reading. 🙂