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Olla Peeps. 🙂 Hmm, So, you are a 16-year-old who is looking for a job, right? Are you lost and looking for that perfect job which suits you in all the circumstances?

Well, you are at the right place my friend as I am about to open all the opportunities for jobs for 16-year-olds in the UK. Hold on to your seat belts and get ready to explore.

Rules and Regulations regarding Jobs for 16 year olds-UK

There are few legal restrictions in the UK, on the type of jobs for 16-year-olds. The working hours are also set under these legal regulations. I would like to first cover these rules.

Following are the divisions for you, as per where you fit:

Timings- While you are still studying

  • You can work, maximum 12 hours a week.
  • A maximum of 2 hours a day on school days and Sunday. On Saturday you can work a maximum of eight hours.

Timings- During your School Holidays

  • You can work, maximum 35 hours a week.
  • A maximum of 8 hours on Saturdays and weekdays. But, on Sunday, only maximum 2 hours.

Timings- If you are not studying anymore

The maximum timing for you is 40 hours a week. This includes working 8 hours per day. According to the law, you can’t work more than 40 hours a week.

Now, before moving on to the jobs let’s discuss various circumstances that you might be facing. Let’s check out their solutions.

Case 1: You want to work part-time as you are still studying

If you are still studying and with that, you need to work as part-time, then it becomes very important for you to select the right job. This step is very crucial for you. I will not recommend that you ignore your studies and then go for a job. Instead, I would say choose both.

You can opt for Retail jobs which are comfortable and the timings are flexible too. Then you can also work as a member of the event staff. Events are a great way to earn some bucks as you can easily find something suitable for you.

Aside from retailing or events, you can also opt for waitressing as that is another way to earn some extra money. All these jobs can be done after you are done with your classes or even during the holidays.

There is a scope to earn a bit more if the job gives you some extra tips. There are online jobs for teenagers under 18. You can give it a shot too but, be careful from online scams.

Case 2: You have left school and are looking for an apprenticeship

Anyone who is 16 or above and is not into full-time education can easily apply for an apprenticeship. Many employers keep on encouraging younger applicants to join them.

There is a wrong concept out there that apprenticeships are only open for skilled labour positions, but it’s not the truth. There are hundreds of fields where you as a 16-year-old can apply and can easily get into an apprenticeship. Are you searching-“Summer jobs for 16 year olds ?” Then my friend you are at the right place.

The range is vast from various fields like Beauty and Cosmetics, Property dealing, Health, Construction, Graphic Design and many more such fields. Later, in this article, I will discuss in brief about suitable jobs for you and the link where you can apply for those jobs.

Case 3: You have left school, and now you want to work full time

Hmm. So you want to start earning rite? Ok. There are many jobs for which you can apply. As now you want to work full time so you can easily tap into those full-time job offers.

Sales might be the best option for a beginner or even Property dealing. Both fields require young people to give in their best. Both these jobs are a great start, and they will support you financially and even career-wise.

But, at the end whatever you choose should be the field of your strength. Where you feel that I can learn and grow. Other job options can be Office jobs like management, Administrative jobs, Secretary, etc. Just Opt what you love doing as there are various entry-level jobs in multiple fields.

Case 4: You have left school, and you want to try something different

Trying something different is good. There are many paths on which you can walk. You can go into a cultural field like Arts and Media. They might be the perfect thing for you if you are interested more in artistic side. Arts and media are also very wast, and you can get many options there.

You can also opt for armed forces as they have recruitment drives for school leavers and they can offer you a wide range of great opportunities.
The range is wide like engineering, combat, intelligence, etc.

So, Now let’s begin with the various jobs for 16 year olds-UK. You have a lot many choices and in multiple fields. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you work legally according to the rules.

Jobs for 16 year olds-UK

1) Part time Jobs for 16 year olds-UK



Following are the jobs which you can opt while studying in school too. You don’t have to shift your focus from studies to earn that extra pocket money as these jobs can be done as a part-time. Let’s get started.

i. Paper Round Jobs for 16 year olds-UK

This is one of the best part-time jobs for 16 year olds with no experience-UK. It is because you will be doing it for few hours in the morning and then you are free to go to your school and study. There is no hard and fast rule in this job for which you require experience.

These days newspaper reading has decreased due to online news updates. But, many people still prefer to read a newspaper early in the morning. So, if people in your area are still reading in the old ways, then this makes the paper round job more preferable for you. The pay is also decent. This role is suitable according to the first job for a teenager.

Go and contact all nearby newsagents and ask them whether they need your help in delivering the newspapers and magazines. This is an early morning job, so you need to be very punctual about it.

This job demands you to walk distances, either walking or cycling and delivering the paper rounds to their destinations. If this fits you and you are not taking it as a burden, then you are ready to go.

ii. Babysitting Jobs for 16 year olds-UK

It is one of the most popular part-time jobs for teenagers. It is easy to find a babysitting job nearby you as parents have some work regarding which they need someone to take care of their babies or even they might want to go on an outing in the evening.

This is a safe job, and generally, it’s in the evening. You can easily babysit after school. But, parents will need to trust you, So you can ask someone to refer you tot he parents and then you are good to go. Start by asking people around you like your aunts and uncles, if they need your help.

It’s all about your convincing skills. You need to assure them that their baby will be safe with you. After you are done babysitting with them, ask for a further reference. They will surely refer you to others or even contact you again in case you set a good image.

With babies, you need to be very calm and sensible enough to take correct measures when required. This job will add on to your CV that how responsible you are, being a teenager.

iii. Pet Sitting jobs for 16 year olds-UK

This is one of the best Part-time jobs under 18. Many of you may just love pets, and that is the plus point for you. Pets are like human babies only; they need proper love and care.

There are times when the pet owners need to go out for a while or maybe for few days, and they can’t take their pet with them. At such times, they seek for pet sitters who can take care of their pet while they are away.

They get ready to pay a right amount of money for pet sitting. You will have to stay at their house and take care of the pet. You can get an experience by laying your hands on a job nearby like pet sitting your neighbor’s pet.

Generally for pet sitting, people look for experienced people as pets need a different kind of attention. So, you can start slowly by pet sitting for few hours and then can move on.

iv. Dog Walking Jobs for 16 year olds

It is very important to take the dogs out for a walk, twice a day. But, many dog owners don’t find time as they are busy. They then look for someone who can take this responsibility and do this job correctly.

What I mean is, that with dogs, it is not always easy to handle them but, if you are good with dogs, then this counts as a plus point for you. The only thing to remember is that you need to be very careful and responsible as it’s someone’s loved pet. You need to take the dog out for a walk, twice a day.

This could be a fun job too if you are an animal lover as you can go out there and play with them. This is an excellent option to make some regular money. I would again say that start with your neighbors and ask them whether they need your help. You never know that the dog next door, might become your best friend. 😉

v. Car washing jobs for 16 year olds

This is the most common job which you will see people doing. They might be of your age as well. There must be many cars in your area. Professional car washes cost a lot, so, if you offer your services to the car owner, they will surely give you a chance.

Car washing is one of the jobs for teenagers which can help them to earn some regular money of their own. To get this job quickly, go and check out that what are the prices that the other people who wash the cars in your area are charging and then you can charge a bit less. It will build chances for you to get more cars to clean.

Car washing will not require much time of yours as you can put in some time in the morning to clean the cars and then you can go to school and study. Part-time jobs are always good as they give you a sense of independence and make you more responsible.

vi. Leaflet Dropping Jobs for 16 year olds

This is another job which is a great option for teenagers like you, as you can earn some decent amount of money with it. This role will keep you fit too as you will be distributing leaflets from one place to another, either by walking or by cycling.

You can ask your local shops whether they need their leaflets to be distributed? You can start with a low price rate as it will attract the shopkeepers and they might give you this job.

These leaflets need some designing too. You can offer your help to the owners by being creative and helping them with the designing part and then by delivering them.

You can also opt for gardening as a part-time job. Another job can be, shopping for your elderly neighbors. In this way, you can help them and earn some bucks too.

2) Jobs for 16 year olds UK- Full time/ Part time


Now if you have left school due to some reason and you want to start earning, then there are various jobs for you. These jobs can are full time, but they can be a part-time too. Following is the list of such jobs which you can pursue:

i. Theme park Jobs for 16 year olds-UK

This is one of the best jobs for teenagers under 18 with no experience. Every teenager just loves a theme park an why not? It is one such fun place which gives you full entertainment.

If you love a theme park, then why not work at one? There are different jobs, which a theme park offer you. There are many big theme parks which provides the best suitable jobs for teenagers from 16 to 18-year-olds.

ii. Restaurant and Bar jobs

These jobs can be either full time or part-time. There is a restriction for teenagers under 18, for working in a bar. You can work as a waiter/ waitress but, can only serve alcohol which gets ordered with a meal.

The most suitable bar or restaurant job for you is working in the kitchen. Helping with the dishes or assisting in preparing a meal. Both these jobs are ideal according to your capabilities and the time which you can give to them.

iii. Shop Jobs for 16 year olds-UK

These jobs come under both full time and part-time. It is up to you that what kind of job are you looking for. In part-time, you can search for shops which offer jobs in the evening as you will only be able to work after your school.

If you are not studying anymore, then you can easily find jobs in grocery shops or supermarkets, etc. Then there are options to join in a beauty and cosmetic stores or salons which are ready to keep you as a trainee with a decent pay. You can also look for retail jobs as these will give you an entirely pleasant experience in your teenage.

3) Online Jobs for Teenagers Under 18-UK

The internet has reached up to a different level these days. There are so many people who are expanding their business online. They also offer online jobs to teenagers who are willing to give their best and are dedicated to learning things. They even pay you well.

These are few examples of online jobs which you can pursue:

  • Web designing
  • Copywriting Jobs
  • Typing and Transcription
  • Test Driving websites
  • Proofreading Jobs
  • Data Entry Work
  • Translation Jobs
  • Selling Photographs

4) Other Jobs for teenagers under 18-UK

Following are the other jobs which can give you an excellent opportunity to learn and earn money. These can be part-time jobs or full time. But, the only issue is that these jobs might variate in age restrictions. Some might allow only 17-year-olds or some may even allow 16 year olds to work as well.

  • Earn money by doing Paid Surveys.
  • Police Line Ups Job.
  • Armed Services.
  • Work as a Lifeguard.
  • Become a tutor providing off-line or online services or even both.
  • Be a part of Phlebotomy.
  • Sports Coach Jobs
  • Referee Jobs
  • Mystery Shopping Jobs

Following are the links to the websites, where you can apply to various jobs for 16 year olds & jobs for 17-year-olds with no experience

So, Guys, these were the jobs for 16 year olds-UK. I wish you all the best for your future. Trust me, the happiness which you will get from your first self-earned money will be extreme.

I have tried to guide you on the relevant jobs which you can opt for. It is entirely up to you that which position is suitable to you regarding your circumstances. If you found this article informative, then kindly let me know through your comments below. Also, do subscribe to my Blog to read other informative articles.

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