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What is an Activity diagram?

Activity Diagram is a workflow that has the sequence of activities and actions to achieve a goal. In UML, activity diagram holds a special place as it is used to show the workflows related to the organizational process. For example, a process can be buying a ticket for a movie using the company's website. In this example, Activity diagram will provide a basis for the workflow and all possible sequence of actions that can be the outcome of selling a ticket.

We can also understand an activity diagram as a special type of flowchart that has an additional advantage of constructs for concurrency. Splits and joins are used in the workflow to combine or split different parallel chains of a flowchart. In addition, activity diagrams in the higher version of UML work on the Petri net semantics. It provides an additional advantage.

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Essential elements of a UML Activity diagram

An activity diagram involves start state, activity boxes, splits, joints and end state. In addition, diamonds are used to represent the decision-making. Creating an activity diagram is a common thing that you have to take care doing your UML assignment.

  • Activity - As the name describe, it is the set of actions.
  • Action - A task to be performed on an activity.
  • Control Flow - It is the sequence of steps.
  • Initial Node - The starting point of any activity diagram which shows the initial point.
  • Decision Node - It is a test condition. Based on the system flow, it only takes one path at a time.
  • Fork Node - It splits the behaviour into set of parallel or concurrent activities.

How to create a activity diagram for best grades?

An activity diagram is a behavioral diagram of the system. It describes the flow of events starting from an initial stage , going through processes and leading to a final outcome. A few steps can help you create an activity diagram as per the standard notations of UML.

  • Identify all the activities of the system or module
  • identify the use cases of the business to be covered through flow chart
  • Write down the pre and post conditions of a module. We can have multiple activity diagram for a complete system.

Activity diagram Example

Activity diagram given below shows the important elements of an activity diagram and their use in modeling a real world problem.

Activity diagram example

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