Writing Errors That Damage the Quality of Your Assignment


Writing a great assignment can be a struggle for the students. If you are a fresher man then this struggle is apparent. Completing a university’s assignment without any error is a task to be accomplished. Several students often fail in this. Students make a number of mistakes while writing an assignment. However, these mistakes can be easily rectified with some of the expert tips. When it comes to academic assignments, there are chances that even the best students can fail in composing the best if they do not know the right guidelines. Hence, it is significant for students to learn about things that they are allowed to write. Moreover, acknowledgement of mistakes is also necessary so that they can be rectified. A poor-quality assignment would affect your academic reputation and grades. One of the best ways to score well in assignment writing is to conduct research and write things well.

Given below are some of the handpicked mistakes the experts of allassignmenthelp.co.uk have come across in the assignment of students. Try to avoid these mistakes and perform better in academics. 

Spelling And Grammar Mistakes 

It is the first and apparent mistake that is likely to be found in the assignments. Wrong spelling and bad grammar can affect your grades. Even the spellchecks can make mistakes and leave the vital spelling errors unchecked and deteriorated. This would also make your teachers think of quitting checking and deducting marks. Hence, you must take care of grammar and spelling in the assignments. 

Submission Without Review 

It is the rule of assignment writing to review it before you submit it. If you have been submitting an assignment without giving it a final review then develop a habit of doing so. Doing this would help you score good marks as various errors can be rectified at this time. You can check the legitimacy of the assignment, plagiarism, and other errors. This is one of the important steps to write a compelling assignment. 

Lack of Evidence 

Shreds of evidence are important to support your argument. If you are writing an argumentative essay or assignment and lack evidence, your essay would look incomplete and vague. Moreover, many assignments ask for resources and references to back up an idea or argument. Hence, it is important to include the right evidence in the assignment. Your analysis is important for your assignment otherwise it would be a flop. There is a need for critical analysis of every point and to conclude them in a way that relates to the existing theories. This would help you write a compelling argumentative essay

Formation of Poor Paragraphs 

You should always include the right paragraphs in the assignments. There should be a sense of support in every paragraph and it should flow smoothly. If you are going to talk about several issues then explain them in different paragraphs to keep them clear. In this way, your teachers or any reader could understand the idea of your assignment. Make pointers and explain things well. 

Poor Structure 

If you want to make your piece of writing look good, it should have a structure. A well-structured assignment ties the idea of the writer together. It brings a smooth flow to the assignment. Moreover, there are chances that your lecturer wants your assignment in a particular structure, it is necessary to take care of that too. Usually, your assignment should contain an introduction, body paragraph, and a conclusion. However, with subjects, the format and structure can vary. Write your assignment with all your concentration and memory to bring the best out of it. 

Unclear Introduction 

For any write up it is necessary to have a clear introduction. The introduction paragraph should be able to explain the outline of your assignment. For example, if you have decided to talk about the situation of women in the nation, then in the introduction you should explain the background and past reforms as well. It becomes tough for several students to form an exemplary introduction. It could refrain students from scoring good in academics. As a student, if you want to score good, start writing clear introductions. 

Writing errors that damage the quality of your assignments

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No one likes repeated content. Moreover, the repetition could be in phrases and word choices as well. Doing this can completely bring down the quality of your content. Therefore, you can seek assistance from assignment help services if you want an expert-like assignment. 

If you want to make changes on your own then try to use different words and use them in the correct context. Your repeated content could also present it in a way that you do not understand the topic clearly. Additionally, there is no need for unnecessary words, jargon, and redundant pairs. It would just elevate your word count and alleviate the quality of your writing. You always have a word count for a reason so that you can put all the important things in it and not just fill it with unnecessary information. 

Concluding it Poorly

The conclusion should always be correct. It makes the reader understand that the paper is concluded here with a specific result. A poorly written conclusion or lack of conclusion in the assignment can make your writing look incomplete. With a good conclusion, you need to convince your lecturer that the writing has been concluded so that they can assign marks accordingly. 

Give yourself enough time to compose a clear conclusion. However, if you still find it tough and need assistance to write my essay, you can contact All Assignment Help. 


Plagiarism is the worst you could do to your assignment. It is copying one’s idea and words as it is and pasting it in your piece of writing. Also, do not think no one would know about it. Several apps and electronic systems are in use these days that can check plagiarism in a minute. Sometimes, plagiarism can be unintentional. However, to be on the safer side it is necessary to check things twice. 

Incorrect Referencing 

Every assignment has a specific type of reference. If you want to know what kind of reference you need to follow, you should read the assignment’s description. Generally, your professors would provide you with the needed guidelines for references. You need to stick to the guidelines to get success in assignment writing. 


Assignment writing can be tough at times. You need to understand all your mistakes to rectify them and compose a successful assignment. The aforementioned mistakes are generally made by students and it affects their grades badly. You need to take care of all the points mentioned above and try not to repeat them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the examples of grammatical errors?
A. Grammatical errors can be stated as run-on sentences, pronoun disagreement, mistakes in apostrophe usage, lack of subject-verb agreement, etc.
Q. What causes grammar errors?
A. Mother-tongue interference, overgeneralization and errors due to the effect of teaching, omission, redundancy, etc can be some reasons behind grammar errors.