What Is Criminology and Why Criminologists Are the Vital Part of The Society?


Undoubtedly, all of us aspire to live in a world free from crimes. But unfortunately, we are encountering something completely unlike. The report says that there has been a continuous increase in crimes throughout the world. It includes all personal and transnational offences. The impact of this growth in crime can be seen amongst ordinary citizens. However, we have forces, justice, and laws meant to protect ordinary citizens from any such situation. The criminal justice of nations around the world deals with individuals arresting suspects and investigating crimes. But who understands the crime, the reason behind it, and the mindset of criminals? Criminologists are there to study crime and examine the behaviour patterns of criminals. This study of crime from a social view is called criminology. Now, read this blog by the writers of allassignmenthelp.co.uk. It will help you to understand more about criminology, criminologists, related career opportunities, etc.

What is Criminology?

“Criminology is the study of crime from a social view.” It is not about studying the crime solely or in general. Alongside, it also studies various aspects of it such as the impact of crime on society. The behaviour of the individual who committed the crime, what was the reason behind the crime, etc are also studied by the criminologists. However, the study is majorly focused on determining the condition or situation or circumstances that make an individual act in a criminal manner. In addition to this, you must have heard that certain areas in your country or city have more crime, criminology also studies the reason behind it. Moreover, what impact does a crime have on the victim is also covered under criminology. Hence, we can say that criminology covers anything that has something to do with criminals, crimes, and crime victims.

Who Are Criminologists and What Do They Do?

“Criminologists are the people working and researching the study of crime and society’s response to crime.” They study the behavioural patterns of criminals and work behind the scenes with law enforcement agencies. With their study, they determine the reason for the offence by the criminal. Moreover, their study helps the law enforcement agencies in better equipment to handle a crime or in the prevention of the crime positively. Travelling, fieldwork, and office work are included under the jobs done by the criminologists. Moreover,

  • They write a summarized report of their findings.
  • Their work includes reporting to the crime scene. It is done for further investigation.
  • They conduct interviews with the criminals.
  • For the advancement of the field, they are needed to share their data and findings with co-criminologists.
  • They are required to consult things with law enforcement officials.

Data collection and data analysis have a large role in their job. While they determine the cause of criminal behaviour, they consider all the social, environmental, psychological, and biological factors. If you are studying criminology, you can seek professional coursework writing help at All Assignment Help. We have experts from the field that can help you in the best way possible.

Why Criminologists Are Vital Part of The Society?

As we know the crime rates are continuously increasing with time due to which various crime-related laws has been introduced. Criminologist works continuously with these law enforcing agencies. They help them develop criminal’s profiles. Alongside, they collect statistics related to the crime rates. All these hard works of criminologists help in the prevention of crimes. It also helps in punishing the criminals in a liberalized manner. Nowadays, the government is running intensive after-care programs for the rehabilitation of criminals.

As you know, we are living in an era of technologies and advancements. As much as these technologies have made our lives easy, it has also elevated the related complexities. With the advancement in technologies, criminal acts have also increased. Today we have crimes done online like cyberbullying, hacking, etc. Hence, to take care of all these criminal acts, criminology is of great importance. Our criminologists keep themselves updated with all the developments in the field of criminology to deal with modern crimes.

All you need to know about criminology and criminologist

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How One Can Become a Criminologist?

If you are thinking of becoming a criminologist or studying criminology then do not wait any further and let’s get started. That is to say, All Assignment Help would happily assist you with any type of academic guidance you need. During your study years if you find your research process, assignments, thesis, or any academic study material tough to compose then we can help with assignments online. In order to become a criminologist, the least you require is a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, having a master’s degree in behavioural sciences would complement your status in the best way.

If you are looking forward to teaching criminology then you must have a doctoral degree in either psychology or sociology. In many places, you might have to take a written test to get the license. You would get a criminology program in courses like computer science, writing, psychology, behavioural science, logic, and statistics. As far as the career is concerned, you would get the title of criminologist after having five years of experience in the industry.

Major Areas of Criminology

Once you study criminology, you prepare yourself for the well-being of society. It also fosters the values of accountability, leadership, integrity, and responsibility in you. It prepares you for a bright career in law enforcement, crime prevention, correctional administration, and scientific crime detection. Below is the list of the major areas of the study.

  • Sociology of Crimes and Ethics
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Crime Detection and Investigation
  • Criminalistics
  • Criminal Law and Jurisprudence
  • Correctional Administration
  • Practicum 1 and 2

Moreover, federal law enforcement investigators, police officers, detectives, prison officers, community development workers, probation officers, social workers, and psychologists are some of the designations that students with a criminology degree can work on. Additionally, with the continuous increase in crime in recent times, many individuals are pursuing criminology as their career. They are contributing a lot to the public. People with a criminology degree can free choose any criminal justice career.


In a nutshell, we can say that criminology helps in the reduction of crime when individuals try to understand the causes behind it. Also, it helps in understanding the criminal mindset and suggest appropriate rehabilitation measures. Moreover, criminology should be announced as a crucial discipline in every educational institution. This would be very helpful to bring awareness about crimes among students from a very young age. Today, when every corner of this world is filled with crimes criminology has risen with the greatest importance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. 1. What are the four schools of criminology?
Answer. 1. The four popular schools of criminology are a pre-classical school, classical school, positivist school, and neo-classical school.
Question. 2. Can I work for the FBI with a criminology degree?
Answer. 2. For some special agent positions it might be difficult, but with law enforcement expertise students with degrees in criminology, psychology, and criminal justice might experience some advantages.