Power of Storytelling in Business


In our daily communication, stories play an important role. We can find people telling stories to each other. However, stories hold immense value apart from being a source of entertainment. Talking about business, storytelling is an effective skill. If one can implement it in an effective way, he or she would see a drastic boost in the business. Moreover, the growth of a business can be multi-directional such as improved customer loyalty, increased profit, etc.

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What is Storytelling in Business?

Beyond entertainment, storytelling is used for business growth and other purposes. Business storytelling means using the story structure for business purposes such as external and internal communication, marketing, brand collaboration, etc. Additionally, businessmen use storytelling to persuade dealers and buyers. It helps them in selling their goods and services to clients. Moreover, it also helps them in the development of new marketing narratives. The benefits do not end here. With the help of business storytelling, one can reposition the company among its competitors.

Hence, if used in the right way, business storytelling is a powerful tool. It empowers business people to break their boundaries with a strong narrative.

How is Storytelling in Business Used?

In business, storytelling has different approaches. It is majorly three in number.

  • Use a story as it is to present your business idea or topic.
  • Another approach is to illustrate or prove a point with the help of an actual story.
  • Using storytelling techniques to trigger story like effect on people.

Now, let us read all these approaches in detail.

Use a story as it is to present your business idea!

Every story has a different pattern. On one hand, some stories are voyage and return. On the other hand, some are a quest, overcoming evil, etc. In the business world, using stories for the communication of an idea is considered impactful instead of using some PowerPoint slides.

Illustrate or prove a point with the help of an actual story!

This is said to be one of the best approaches for business leaders. It is not only about telling a story but a speech inclusive of a story as an example to support the point. If the audience finds the story relatable and credible, this approach works in the best possible ways.

Using storytelling techniques to trigger a story like effect on people!

This approach is said to be the subtle one. While using this approach, a business leader is not actually telling a story but makes his or her speech sound like a story. It is possible only if you make your audience see and feel your speech. As a business leader, you need to create images in their head and make them engaged.

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Power of storytelling in business

What Does Storytelling Mean to Business?

Some of you might find the notion of storytelling in business unrelatable. Storytelling can easily bring some visuals of books and movies to your mind. For us as an individual, a story is about drama, joy, character, etc and never about brands and products. Regardless, storytelling in business is a real concept that has its own benefits. Moreover, storytelling in business is a way of communication of sequence of triumphant and failure moments to the audience.

In addition to this, if a story is about a brand or product, then it must focus on the USP. The word storytelling in the world of business is related to marketing. It is the job of the marketing department to come up with great stories about the service, product, or brand. Story-oriented campaigns majorly focus on sales, product awareness, the establishment of brand’s leadership, brand awareness, etc.

Storytelling at the management level 

Regardless of the type of business, storytelling is essential for every business. For example, let’s talk about Amazon. Jeff Bezos asks his staff to write a story of around 1500 words. This is done to present new strategies, ideas, and concepts. Later, everyone would read and discuss them together. It is like a real test. It helps in moving any idea logically. Data is used in the business world to show the changes over time. However, the story helps you understand the reason behind those changes. As a part of the management team, if you are telling a story, you need it back it up with data. Only then, you can prove why there is a need for strategic changes or any other development.

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Storytelling beyond marketing

It is not only the job of marketers to do storytelling. Rather, it is a skill that every employee and the senior executive must have. They should be able to relate their ideas to the audience internally and externally in a convincible manner. In the modern era of marketing, employees are the advocates of their products and brand. With the advancement in communication skills, one can become an extended arm of marketing.

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What is The Impact of Storytelling on Business?

A brand earns success when its audience connects to them. Storytelling is a great way to build this connection of success. Moreover, different media can be used for storytelling to give a unique perspective to the business. There is no right or wrong way of storytelling. However, the only thing important is the connection of the audience. In this way, they can become long-time supporters of a business. Now, let us read about some major impacts of storytelling on business.

  • Build brand loyalty
  • Build brand awareness
  • Promote brand recall
  • Help with conversions
  • Increase sales

Build brand loyalty

Undoubtedly, storytelling helps in the building of a connection of the audience to a brand. Towards a long-lasting relationship, building brand loyalty is the first step. It helps a brand to bring them, customers.

Build brand awareness

As the name suggests, storytelling helps in brand awareness. A compelling story would enhance the engagement of customers on different media. Internet is a great source of building brand awareness. As it helps reach your content to millions of people worldwide in a minute.

Promote brand recall

If you make a good story, it would help you get an audience reaction. If the audience reacts to the story in a certain way, it becomes easy for them to remember it for the longest time. It will help them recall your brand as well. They will talk about it. Eventually, it will bring you more customers. 

Help with conversions

Storytelling is a form of narrative that leads from one episode to another. A brand using storytelling techniques can locate its customers exactly where they want them to be.

Increase sales

If you build connections with your customers through storytelling, it would make them visit your stores and websites often. They will show low price sensitivity and would recommend the brand. In simple words, connections can help you improve your sales.

Why is Storytelling Important in The Workplace?

Stories within an organisation are very important. As far as authenticity is concerned, stories coming from the newcomers are often considered authentic. Given below are some of the reasons why storytelling is important in the workplace.

  • Storytelling in the organisation can be seen as a strategy. It might come from the leaders in order to make employees understand the core value of the workplace.
  • It is used to educate, inform, motivate, and inspire people working in the organisation.
  • With the help of storytelling in the workplace, employees can easily and willingly accept new initiatives.
  • In order to build an open work culture, storytelling can be helpful. It a best way to share and appreciate employees among the departments.

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Why is Storytelling in Business So Powerful When It Comes to Creating Change?

There are three narratives to storytelling in business. These are memorializing, revisioning, and sacralizing. Firstly, memorializing help in understanding any change over time with the help of moments and events. Secondly, revisioning means rewriting the past of the organization to make current changes. Eventually, we have, sacralizing, which means to present the change. These three narrative practices can bring major changes to the organization. Storytelling put some psychological and emotional impact on the customer due to which it is seen as a powerful tool when it comes to changes.

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Today, we can say that every brand has a story to tell. Be it the story of their success or the story of their failure. Stories give meaning and help in making information attractive and easy to remember. Storytelling is an easy way for the audience to remember things instead of facts and data. It is a major reason why businesses these days understand the importance of storytelling in business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. 1. How effective is storytelling in marketing?
Answer. 1. According to the surveys, storytelling in marketing as a tool is very beneficial. It helps in understanding the market better. Moreover, it helps in the better understanding of customers’ needs, choices, brands, etc.
Question. 2. Why is storytelling important for leaders?
Answer. 2. Storytelling can be very helpful for leaders as it helps them manage conflicts, interpret the past and shape the future, and help influence others.