Importance of Wellness Programs in School


In our last blog, we have studied bully culture and its impact on higher education. We read that, bullying in school can put a heinous impact on the psychology of students. For better education, it is important that students feel safe at school. After home, school is said to be the safest place for a child. It should be safe and sound in every manner. In this blog, we will study the importance of wellness programs in school. Moreover, why healthy schools are important. As a responsible writer of All Assignment Help, I would try to conclude all the important points here.

“We are talking about our kid’s future. Our schools need to be teaching our kids how to be healthy.”

There are millions of people who work in schools and millions of students around the world. When it comes to wellness programs in school, it is for both students and employees. Just like any other workplace, it is important for schools too to have wellness programs.

Why are Wellness Programs Important in Schools?

We all know that wellness in schools is important but the question is why? Why we should introduce wellness programs in our schools? An experiment was done a few years back in a school in Virginia. A wellness day was hosted in the spring of 2005. It included various activities from nutrition to workouts. It was a successful event that made the teachers incorporate wellness into the curriculum. Through this experiment, it was concluded that to create healthy habits, wellness programs were needed not as a short-term experiment but as a continuous process. As per the research for academic papers by my assignment help UK services, it was found that wellness in school was a crucial matter.

Irrespective of the person on school premises, wellness is a matter of concern for everyone. It is important for the physical strength of an individual along with their mental relaxation and social importance. Moreover, it adds up to productivity. Hence, the practice of the best wellness program is important. School plays a vital role in the development of students which is why it is more important to introduce wellness programs as much as possible. We are living in a dynamic world with changing wants and needs. Among all the changes, students are also expected to match the pace. Hence, taking care of their health is important.

Wellness Program’s Impact on Students!

While making wellness programs, the authorities should keep certain things in mind. The initiative taken by them should be relevant and beneficial to students irrespective of grade and age.

Lower school

  • School should organize team meetings and skits during the meetings.
  • There should be special programs organized along with some events, contests, and other challenges.
  • Moreover, school can also organize helpful classes and nutrition program for students in lower school.

Middle school

  • In middle school team meetings can be organized more often such as two per week.
  • With the help of different school media, school should promote healthy living.
  • School should also take care of events, special programs, challenges, and contests organized during the year.
  • The officials at school should create a wellness portal where students can learn about various health related topics and share query.
  • All Assignment Help suggest that there should be physical activity days at school.

Upper School

  • Collaboration is needed with the clubs, events, and classes already existing in the school.
  • Seminar should be organized to promote the importance of health and physical health day.
  • Upper school should be introduced to programs like financial fitness and self-defense.
  • Moreover, programs related to drug prevention, healthy relationships, mental health, and cybersecurity is needed in upper school.

In addition to this, we have found that parents are directly concerned about the health of students. Hence, the school should take the initiative of putting the current reports and resources in the knowledge of the family. As per the collected data of my assignment help UK, numerous schools are already conducting guest lectures on topics like drug prevention and cybersecurity.

Wellness Program’s Impact on Employees!

Staff and faculty are the role models of students in school. They are the significant element that makes the wellness programs a huge success. Hence, it is essential to take care of the wellness of the employees at school. For any workplace, it is important to provide healthy surroundings to the workers. According to the research of assignment writing help services, wellness programs have a positive impact on the employee.

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee retention

For the employee benefits, wellness programs serve a crucial role. It is one of the highest-selling features when it comes to the recruitment of any new staff. As per the expert writers of assignment writing help services, using a wellness portal is also a good option. It helps in tracking the participation of employees and concluding the right reports. Moreover, the site can be made informative to provide staff with informative articles. In order to make employee wellness camps work, incentives and rewards play the role of big motivators.

Reasons Why Wellness Programs are Smart School Strategy

People who are part of the school in any manner have some average health risks. Moreover, it is not always important that they can take good care of their healthcare costs. Keeping all these reasons in mind, we can say that introducing wellness programs in school is a great idea. However, there are some much better reasons for which any school must introduce wellness programs.

  • If we look at the cases of absenteeism, then a school has more absentees than any other workplace. Moreover, it is a direct loss to the employer. It is big matter in school because school have to hire a substitute and pay them as well. Hence, having good wellness programs would prevent absenteeism and save losses.
  • There are a smaller number of private schools and more public schools. Public school are revenue consuming unlike private schools. Unlike other workplaces, schools need to manage their finances more closely. However, good wellness programs would have direct impact on the expenses of employees.
  • Schools’ faculty are more like family members and taking care of the family is school’s first responsibility.
  • Human have a nature of sharing. If wellness programs benefits employees, they would share it with students and other people as well. Hence, wellness programs start with one and grows till hundreds.
  • It is also a great source of income to the employees. There are chances of teachers and faculty member to start something of their own when they learn techniques of staying healthy.

Apart from all these techniques and tools, if you are a student struggling with academics then you must hire someone to do my assignment online. It is also a great way of taking care of mental health and living stress-free.

How Does Wellness Programs Help Schools?

According to the data collected by the writers of law assignment help services, wellness programs can do great benefits to the school.

  • Wellness programs in school are a good way of taking care of physical, social, and mental health of the school community.
  • It is a great source of motivation to everyone spending time in school.
  • Wellness programs helps students in better academic performance.
  • These programs promote manners and decreases behavioural issues in and outside of the classroom.
  • It creates positive and healthier attitudes among students, staff, and faculty.
  • It helps in increasing the engagement and interaction among everyone in the school community.
  • As per the further data of law assignment help services, wellness programs also improve the involvement of parents in the activities takes place in school.
  • It also makes the partnership better among school community and home.
  • It makes the staff morale better and make them productive.
  • Wellness programs also improves the reputation of the school. It builds parent’s trust in the institution.

These are some of the ways in which we can say that wellness programs can do great benefits to the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question.1 What does a good wellness program contain?
Answer. 1. Certain things that a good wellness program must contain is fitness activities, general health benefits, mental health, stress-release activities, social activities, team building activities, etc.
Question. 2. What are some of the wellness questions?
Answer. 2. One must ask these questions to themselves, do you have support, do you ever reflect, are you working towards a better version of yourself, etc.