Multicultural education in UK

For the past 3-4 decades, multiculturalism has affected a number of societies in the world. Particularly in UK, multicultural education is one of the increasingly recognized streams of humanity and anthropology. Having associated with different connotations, multicultural education is viewed as an issue of debate and discussion in academic community. The subject has grown to be an inclusive one as it has influenced educational practices and a range of research efforts. Multicultural education also touches very pertinent and relevant topics of humanity that have always required a keen eye to address them. These topics are Race, Ethnicity and Culture which are often used interchangeably.

Large group of ethnicity

Multicultural education has generated an enthusiasm in educators who want to expand their knowledge. It is imperative here to elaborate what multiculturalism is. Multiculturalism refers to the philosophy of properly responding to cultural and religious diversity. It aims at the promoting the existence, acceptance and tradition of multiple cultures in one jurisdiction. Also some say, it is fundamental to the belief that all citizen are equal. Multiculturalism has its roots when Europeans saw it as an answer to its social problems. In UK, however, it is observed that many people think that multiculturalism is making their society worse. They believe that it has encouraged exclusion rather than inclusion in the society because minority communities are moving away from mainstream to live parallel lives and this makes them display their ethnic behaviors that are counter to broader society. They further add that these separate communities provide a fertile soil to increased radicalization.

Hence multicultural education has started addressing these issues not only in UK but in societies around the world. The advocates of multicultural education have highlighted its importance in that it should be studied in the colleges or universities. They believe this will give them a helping tool to tackle the aforementioned issues in the society.

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