Unemployment: a social evil

In simple words unemployment refers to the state of a person without any work that is required to earn money for his/her living. It is the one of the most challenging social issue faced by most of the societies or nations in the world. The battling economies around the world are promoting more and more unemployment and in a few years’ time it has only grown considerably thanks to the global recession. Unemployment makes a person feel uncertain and insecure about his future. This leads to an increased negativity and hence a lot of other things that can only cause harm to the person as well as society.

growing unemployment

There are many reasons that make unemployment grow further such as poor economic conditions of a country, growing population, inflation, recession, corruption, bad governance, failure of educational institutions and prevailing poverty. It is considered as a social malaise as it makes an individual take a route of unlawful activities which not only put him in danger but also the society at large. If remained unchecked or unaddressed, unemployment promotes a number of social crimes such as robbery, kidnapping, loot, smuggling, drug trafficking and other related crimes. While employment helps fulfill the basic requirement of an individual thereby stopping him/her from committing crimes, unemployment on the other hand lowers self-esteem and brings a bad name to the family and society.

So it is clear that unemployment has widespread social and economic effects. If an individual can’t feed himself and his family, hunger and homelessness are bound to get aggravated. It leads confrontation and conflicts in families and societies. The collective quality of life of the society is also decreases because of unemployment. So a proper educational policy on the part of different governments can be an effective tool for unemployment in young population.

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