How To Write An Assignment On The Topic You Are Not Familiar With?


As a student, you must have written many assignments on various topics. You may have excellent English writing skills, required researching skills, and you may also be good at referencing your assignment. But there is much possibility that you may not be familiar with every subject and may have difficulty in attempting an assignment when your professor assigns you to write an assignment in a subject that is not in your comfort zone. So, keeping this issue in mind, we have come up with an article that could come handy to you in learning how you should write an assignment on the topic that you don’t enjoy.

 Plan your assignment well

 Planning is a very important factor for your assignment. First of all, you need to read about the subject to gain appropriate knowledge to go ahead with the writing. Otherwise, you might have to rewrite it if you write something useless without reading about the subject or topic first. After that, you should plan how you will present the info in your assignment, and whether your assignment needs any sections or headings. All these points could be helpful for you in writing efficiently with fewer distractions. This is one of the best ways to improve your writing style.

 Ask some questions to yourself

 When you sit to write an assignment on a topic that your not familiar with then, you should stay ready to ask some questions to yourself. Those questions could be such as will you be able to complete your assignment on time or not? You should also make sure to do much research on the topic of your assignment, and you should work at a fast pace putting the worries about new topics aside. If you do prework for your assignment by asking questions to yourself, then you can work on your assignment without any interruption, irrespective of whether you like the topic or not.

Try to gain knowledge about the topic

It is okay that you are not well versed in the topic at the beginning. However, you should try consistently to make things work. Try to gain knowledge on the assigned topic even if it is too little. It is just about the theory of “something is better than nothing”. If you will keep on trying on a consistent basis you will end up in having a good back up eventually. You can get help with assignment online.

Think about what you already know 

When you write an assignment on a topic know nothing about following this tip. Make a little effort and think about all the things you already know. Jot down everything you need or want to say as it is a fact. You can just assume that the information or knowledge you have is true. No, it does not mean that you should go ahead blindly with the dubious information. All we are saying is to think positively. Once you will feel that you know the topic, you will gain confidence. And, a confident researcher often ends up gathering some fruitful outcomes.

Use transition words

Now, to write an assignment without having great knowledge about the topic, you will need some quick tricks as well. One such trick is to use transition words. Words like close to, quickly, generally, mostly, about, approximately, etc. Thinking what difference will it bring to your task? Using such words will make your content appear less definite. In case you are thinking while you write an assignment that the content is not accurate, this tip will help you to justify your part. For instance, in place of writing, “Everyone in our class found that the angles of a polygon added to 1080 degree”, you can turn it little indefinite. Here is how you can change the sentence: “The angles in the said polygon added up to nearly 1080º, this is something almost everyone found in our class.” You can also ask instant assignment help providers to elaborate on the right use of transition words.

Avoid using factual words


The next thing you can do to write an assignment is to avoid using factual words. This statement may end up in confusing some readers. Some may even find it complicated. However, it is not. Even the assignment experts suggest that you should use words that have no real or factual meaning. For example, look at the words listed below:

  • Understanding
  • Immigration
  • Imagination
  • Exploration
  • Meaning
  • Talent
  • Thought

Now, just have a look at this sentence:

“Peter’s understanding of imagination does not have any real meaning to her sister.” 

Now, if you felt dizzy after reading this because you just cannot get what it means, it’s okay. It actually means almost nothing, but it sounds good. This is what you have to do. Use words that sounds good but actually don’t have a strong meaning.

Pick key concepts and spread them

The other best way to fill the space when you write an assignment is to pick up key concepts and spread it out. Believe it or not, it is indeed a great way to complete your work. In case you just have one key concept or you are only versed with one of may key concepts, try the previously mentioned tip. Use words to say nothing but for filling the gap. Don’t worry if sentences say the same thing as other sentences, just make sure they sound different. Note that this won’t really work if you have to write about a certain number of concepts–teachers will still only find the one.

Use the word “because” often

To fill the gap when you write an assignment try to befriend “because”. This single word makes the illusion that the writer is having a deep understanding of the main subject. Even if you are only going for the above-listed suggestions to invent whatever comes after a “because”, it will work. Thinking how to bring out the best from these “because” statements? Use as many verbs as you can. This is because all you should try to do is to say something you could have stated in case you don’t know what the main topic was. The main motive is the expansion of using words to mean nothing. 

 So, it was a small writing piece from us that tries to tell you how you can write an assignment on the topic you are unfamiliar with or not interested in. I hope you find it of some use, you can find more such articles on our site from time to time, and if you have a problem in writing an assignment on a new topic, then have a go at our assistance. We offer you the best quality assignment help that fulfills your assignment requirements well. So, check out our assignment help online and get a well-written assignment from us.