How to prepare for upcoming exams

Exam preparation needs a lot of focus. We are going to make it a little bit easier for you. It is widely observed that examinations are often a constant source of stress and worry for the students around the world. It is also understandable that revising the whole year’s or semester’s course in a few days’ time is really excruciating, but needs to be done anyways. So it is advised that students need to prepare for the exams well in advance. If not prepared fully students are bound to feel the extra heat and anxiety. Besides, thorough preparation makes the students confident to go ahead and obtain good marks or better grades. However, what to prepare, how to prepare and when to prepare are some of the fundamental questions that capture the minds of the students in the wee hours as far as the pressure of examinations is concerned. Pressure and tension get skyrocketed whenever exams are knocking on the door. So to know how to prepare for the finals is the key here and the moment the whole strategy is implemented successfully, it becomes pretty easy to do very well in the exams.

exam preparation
A few blank sheets ready for been filled in a exam.

Exams form a significant part of a student’s academic assessment so the course materials also act as a very important aspect of exam preparation. So the following tips can be very helpful for the students:

Devote enough time to study,

Believe it or not, making a time-table can do wonders for your performance. We will have a certain amount of time to study. The key is to manage whatever time we have with precision and care. So, first of all, make a schedule so that you can prevent wastage of time. Do not leave any of your work for the last minute. 

Practice previous exam papers

 Teachers are professors who often advise students to go through the question papers of previous exams. This is something that can give you a huge idea about your upcoming exam pattern. Make sure you adhere to this advice and solve some previous exam papers. There will be two broad benefits, first is already stated that you will have a clear idea on your exam pattern. The second advantage of the exam preparation is that you will be able to complete your exam within the given time.

One of the biggest tasks is to complete the exam within the given time. No matter how perfectly you are prepared, if you will not have the skill of solving questions quickly you may or may not finish the paper. Solving old papers will give you exactly what is required to finish the paper early. Do practice them as much as you can and you will never find yourself in a hassle while writing answers in the exam hall.

Study with your peers 

Studying alone will help you to concentrate better. However, group studies are also important to some extent. Try to study with your peers, it will help you in unthinkable ways. While studying go ahead and explain answers to each other. This exchange of ideas proves to be highly beneficial for you.

Take regular breaks 

Take breaks in between while studying as the results have also shown that the human mind cannot continuously do things for too long. There are some do’s and don’ts that come along with taking breaks. They should neither be too long nor too short. There are some students who boycott the idea of taking breaks and prefer studying for long hours continuously. Sadly, this is nothing but being a bookworm. Do not go for such hectic things, unless you genuinely enjoy it.

Secondly, do not use your breaks in doing tiring things. Instead of lightening your mood, they will generate fatigue and you will resume your study with a dull mind. Do little things like listening to music, talking to your parents, playing your sport for a while, etc. Basically, do things that can rejuvenate you for the exam preparation.

Use concentration building techniques 

The biggest thing you should be careful about is to stay stress-free. Anxiety triggers really fast when exams are near. Now, the question is how to keep these issues away. It is really simple to do that. All you need to do is to focus on your studies. If you will study with focus you will get two benefits:

  • You will complete your syllabus early with perfection
  • You will get a sense of satisfaction and anxiety will never occur

For keeping your focus in the right direction, you can use some concentration building techniques. Some of them are:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Creating a to-do list
  • Practicing mindfulness

Eat healthy food

It may seem a little old school advice to some of you, however, this never gets old. We can never stop suggesting a balanced diet for students. It has a plethora of benefits of young minds and we cannot stress enough on it.

While studying for exams good nutrients often go down in your list of priorities, don’t let them slide down. Always choose a healthy diet. If you want to know the reasons, here they are: 

  • Healthy food and drink energize your system. So, you never lack the will to work.
  • Also, you will feel alert and active. They can help you sustain yourself for a long time during study pressure.

Last, but not the least, they will reduce your chances of getting common diseases such as flu, cold and cough.

Because of all of the listed reasons, you will be able to concentrate better on your studies and exams. In case you will binge on junk, you will get sluggish and jittery before even realizing it.

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