Evolution of education

The rise and evolution of civilizations in the ancient world also gave rise to the need for transmission of knowledge and information. Gradually accumulating, recording and preserving the experiences and knowledge became very complex. So, in this way the need of writing was aroused. The firsthand everyday experiences were then needed to be recorded and to teach these skills of writing and reading, a dedicated place was invented – called school. Then came teachers, scribes and priests. The ancient Egyptians and Babylonians introduced the methods of learning and memorization. Greeks on the other hand, were the firsts to introduce science and philosophy. They represented world phenomena with the help of their mythological gods. Finally ancient Indus valley Civilization and Chinese Civilization contributed in the fields of medicines, mathematics, astrology and spirituality.

evolution of education

During the middle ages, when Byzantine Empire was taking its last breadth in Europe, there was an educational crisis, which appeared by the creation of a void when the monarchy began to end there. A desperate need of knowledge and education in the European society allowed an intense surge or wave of intellectuality. This intellectual revolution is called Renaissance and it paved a way for modernizing the society with the help of wealth of knowledge that came with it. During this period, the scientific, social, intellectual, spiritual and literary enrichment of the people started taking place. This period saw many great personalities who immensely contributed to the society with their exceptional intelligence as well as human values. Leonardo-da-Vinci, Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilee were one among those people.

The modern education was effectively started after Industrial revolution took place in early 19th century England. This period was a great scientific wave that swept “Europe and America” (West). Important scientific discoveries and inventions were taking place extensively. This era saw a marked improvement in means of transportation as well as ways of propagating information. Now, with the advent of internet, Nano technology, smart phones and space age technology – next generation education has knocked on our door.

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