5 Mistakes Students Make while Researching on the Internet


Research is the most basic requirement of any assignment writing. It makes your academic paper impeccable. One of the most used methods for research is the internet. Lots of the pupils are benefiting from the use of the internet for the research. But, some of you may not be able to make the best use of it due to some errors and make mistakes while researching on the internet. 


Research work is compulsory for every student who is pursuing courses at different academic levels. It is one of the most important academic tasks or work for the students. A lot of students who use the internet for their research work don’t know how to use it properly and thus, make mistakes while researching on the internet. You can learn many new things while researching but finding the most relevant sources becomes quite a challenge.  That is why, as an online assignment help provider in the UK, we have written this blog especially for the students who make mistakes while researching on the internet.

5 mistakes students make while researching on the internet

Today the internet is the most widest and easily accessible platform used for research. Whether you are writing assignments or a research paper, you first browse the internet to find relevant information. It is obvious that you cannot rely on the limited sources present on the internet. However, you need a lot of resources to write compelling and relevant content for your assignment or research appear. But, there are chances you might make mistakes while researching on the internet to find relevant information for your writing piece. So, let us discuss 5 major mistakes students make while doing research online.

Using the internet as the sole source for the research

As mentioned above, the internet is the most useful and easy method for research among modern students. However, one of the major mistakes students made while researching is they use only the internet to gather content for the assignment.

It is possible that not all the information could be correct on the internet. However, there are many websites and sources available on the internet for doing research but, 100% dependent on these sources is not beneficial for your research. Hence, use of the textbooks and library books to cross-check the internet information is much recommended.

Not having an exact idea of what to research

At times, you could find yourself piled up with lots of information about the topic. But, you may not be sure of which one could be efficient for use. Situations like this occur when you do research without having a proper idea of what could be the most accurate answer to your coursework questions. It makes it a must for you to know the requirements of the topic before beginning the research.

Hence, don’t conduct your research without any idea of the requirements. In this way, you will not end up investing a lot of time but even you may also get distracted from the topic. So, it is recommended to have a clear idea of your assignment requirement and then start searching for the relevant material and information. If you are still not able to gather the required material, you can buy research paper writing services from us. 

Inefficient use of the search engine and subject directories

Search engines and subject directories are the most basic sources you use on the internet for research purposes. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are some of the renowned search engines. Infomine and Academic Info are some of the subject directories where you could find useful academic links shared by the educators.

However, if you don’t know how all these search engines and subject directories are used, then you can’t reap any benefit from it. Hence, it is important to know that apart from Google there are other search engines as well for finding more references for writing your research assignment. Thus, you should learn the right way to use all these academic internet sources beforehand. You can read about the finest search engines for academic research on our website as well. 

Not keeping the record of the visited and used sites

Research is the task in which you cannot be sure of stumbling upon the right information instantly. You will find some of it being useful and much of the research content may not be suitable for your assignment. You use the internet for online research but when you find the correct material you just keep it but forget to bookmark these sites.  

That makes it a must for you to keep bookmarking all the useful links. It will help you in reaching the right links easily when you open your computer next time. Furthermore, you don’t have to frustrate yourself searching for useful links in the history. Moreover, keeping the record of bookmark sites can be helpful in the future as well if you want to revisit again. Also, it is better to write down the sites in a paper you have useful so that you can gather a permanent record.  

Making errors in the reference URLs

One of the major errors pupils make related to the research is to submit the wrong URLs as the references. It could happen if you don’t type the whole URL correctly while referencing.

Students often make mistakes with complex internet URLs and typos. By doing so, your reference becomes useless. So, in order to be safe, you should type the URLs in the location box of your browser and check if they are correct, and take you to the right site. It is a must for you to type all the URLs carefully in the academic homework and must submit it after being sure of the authenticity of the URLs. Our research assignment experts will help you with this if you want more knowledge of the right URLs. 

Final thoughts!

These mistakes are often made by most students while researching. However, if you avoid these 5 mistakes, you can make your research easier. Nowadays more and more students are using the internet for their research work. But, research on the internet is very different from library research and that can cause problems. Also, while researching you need to take care of the internet protocols and regulations. The internet is a good resource if it is used carefully and correctly. So, we hope with the help of this blog you try to avoid the mistakes listed above and make your research authentic and accurate without any mistakes. 

Steps to fetch data for research assignment from the internet

In today’s time, most of the information for research assignments is collected from the internet. To fetch data from the internet below are some steps:

  1. Install the HTTP package
  2. Then, make a network request by using the HTTP package
  3. After that, convert the response into a custom Dart object
  4. At last, your data will display in a suitable format

This is just a general technical step guide to fetch data online. You can follow these steps and collect information relevant for your research topic. 

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I hope this blog is helpful for you. Thanks for reading!