Handwriting Troubles? Learn What Could Help you in Improving Handwriting

improving handwriting

Handwriting is not just about paper and pencil. It is multi-tasking. A good handwriting can grab the attention of the teachers easily but what about the students who have bad handwriting even after trying so hard of improving handwriting. The process of handwriting starts from when your mind tells you what to write and in which shape. Then, your hands move to shape the letters, and your eyes focus on the words. This skill is essential in improving handwriting.

Handwriting skills are an essential activity for students. Through handwriting, they are able to express their thoughts and also communicate with the world. Many parents and teachers worried about their child’s handwriting. They try various exercises in order to develop good writing skills in the students. Well, there is no need to worry. We have got some of the effective tips that could help your child in improving handwriting. One good way is to make your child familiar with the importance of good handwriting. Also, a parent and teacher need to work on all the problem areas that hold a child back such as pencil grasp, legibility, etc. These are some of the important things that need to be addressed.


What could help you in improving handwriting?

Beautifully handwritten words could be a goner in the future as typing is taking over handwriting quite fast. Another reason is the lack of interest in the students towards penmanship. Some of the students and parents worry a lot about the handwriting. Keeping their interest in mind, the experts of AllAssignmentHelp.co.uk will try to give you some tips on improving handwriting.

Start with the basics that is practice

You might be aware of a famous saying “Practice makes a man perfect”. The same goes for handwriting. Handwriting is an art. To acquire it effectively, one needs to do a lot of practice. By doing practice and holding a little amount of patience you can achieve what you aiming for i.e. good handwriting.  

However, you must have been asked by your teachers since the elementary level to practice various things. It could be related to your lessons, handwriting, creativity, etc. It is a must if you want to hone your skills in something. Handwriting is no different from the tasks you believe you could get better at with practice. Hence, you should make sure to practice a lot and you will witness positive results.

Using the right pens is the key

The experts suggest that you have to consider various things even while holding the pen. It is a must as holding the pen in the right way ensures you will able to write well. Moreover, you should use a pen which you could grip easily and it must not make you feel tired after writing few words. Your pen also must not leave the gel stains as it could make the handwriting creepy.

Also, while writing, make sure your words look clear and the ink of your pen doesn’t ruin the clarity. This helps the children pick up the handwriting skills as early as possible. It is advised that you should use the pen that you feel more comfortable while holding and your pen must enhance your handwriting.

Rushing is prohibited in writing

You are attending a lecture and taking down the notes. Rushing seems legit in such a situation when it comes to handwriting. However, when you have ample time to complete the task, then you don’t need to rush.

What helps you in improving your handwriting is slowing down. Try to write at a pace that ensures the writing won’t get messy. When you slow down, your handwriting improves automatically. You need to avoid rushing while writing because it can ruin the formation of your letters and characters that might make the sentence and words hard to understand. Also, rushing can lead you to errors that make your handwriting hard to understand.

Many students focus on the speed and ruin the readability. Instead of rushing, concentrate on making your words and letters clear and readable.  To achieve this, you need to slow down your writing speed. 

Learn the right way to hold the pen

One of the reasons for bad handwriting could be improper pen grip. This problem occurs mostly at an early age and you may not be able to write well your whole life because no one tried correcting you. However, the first most important thing is to hold the pen correctly. A good quality pen can also play a major role in ensuring good handwriting. But, what is the use of that pen if the student is not holding it properly.

The way children hold their pen has a lot to do with how their handwriting comes out. However, every student has their own way of writing but the proper way of holding and grip provides better handwriting. You should put much emphasis on learning the right way to hold the pen. The correct way of holding a pen is; hold the pen between the index finger and thumb. It should rest on the knuckle and the tip of your middle finger. Moreover, you should not grip the pen too tightly. 

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Focus on writing proportion

One of the common handwriting problems student faces is the lack of focus on proportion. The proportion of handwriting lies in the four main areas such as letter formation, sizing, line-alignment, and spaces between words. If these four areas tackled carefully, no one can stop you from improving your handwriting. While writing, you need to design each letter in a specific way by keeping the size, distance, and perfect style in mind.

A kid needs to follow the primary writing style. Being a teacher and a parent, your duty is to make them aware of the difference between capital and small letters and how to use them by keeping the size and style as a major focus. Now, there are many handwriting games, fun handwriting practice, and tools that help students in gaining interest in handwriting available online and offline. By using all these, not only you can make your children familiar with the proportion of handwriting but you can also help them develop fluent handwriting style.


Encouraging a child in improving handwriting always works no matter how bad his or her handwriting is. Make handwriting practicing fun can be a good way of giving your handwriting a purpose. Working on handwriting in order to make it good is not a time-wasting task that disturbs the students. Moreover, it is helpful for students not for the academic but for the lifetime.

The tips and techniques given in this blog will help you towards legible handwriting without making you bore and disturbing your lifestyle. Stay focused, keep all the positive aspects in yourself, and start improving your handwriting.

So, now you know what it takes to develop good handwriting then, what are you waiting for? Take a paper and pen and start writing.

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Thank you for reading the blog. I hope these handwriting tips could help you. Good luck!