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What is use case diagram?

Use Case Diagram is the simplest UML diagram and the first step towards modeling. With the help of use case diagram, we can represent the interaction of the system with the different use cases. In Software engineering,Use case is the list of the steps that outlines the interaction between the role and a system. For example, in a library management system, issuing a book is a use case that establishes a relationship between the student, a book, and the issuer.

Creating a use case diagram is as simple as the description above. The first task is to identify the actors and the use cases. Second step is to set up a relationship between different use cases with the help of include and extend. Last step is to put all the use cases in a system boundary and to link it with the actors.

Use Case template is another thing that is used in the organizations. It represents the postconditions, preconditions, and Triggers.You can refer to the examples given on the internet for a better understanding of the Use Case Template. In addition, you can ask for assistance with UML Assignment from our software assignment experts.

What is the purpose of a use case diagram?

Use case diagrams are developed in the early stage of software development life cycle. It serves the following purposes as given below:

  • Provides a context of the system.
  • Provides a chance to analyst to work with the domain expert, hence no requirements are missed.
  • Helps in capturing the system requirements
  • Use case validates the system architecture at a broader level.

Elements of a use case

Before you create your first use case, read about the elements of a use case modeling. Use case consists of several elements given below:

  • Actor - It is named as a noun and interacts with the system functions. An actor can play multiple roles. Actor provides input to the system and expect output from the system.
  • Use case - Use case is a system function. It has a specific naming convention as Verb + Noun. A system should not have a dangling use case as an actor should act on the use case. Use case always does something, like an action.
  • Communication Link - The use case is connected to an actor using a communication link.
  • Boundary of the system - Boundary contains the entire system. For complex systems, there can be multiple boundaries with each boundary representing a module.

What are the relationships in a use case?

Before you solve your use case diagram assignment, you should understand how relationship plays a pivotal role in creating use case diagrams.

  • Extends - This is an extended relationship. For example, "Incorrect password" use case will automatically include the behavior mentioned in the "login" use case.
  • Include - When a use case includes the functionality of a base class, include relationship is used. For example, to place an order on a website, user has to login first.
  • Generalization - It establishes a parent and child relationship. Moreover, the child use case enhances the functionalities of the parent use case.

How to create a perfect use case diagram to impress your professor

Creating a use case diagram is simple as long as you stick with the fundamental concepts of use case. There are a few steps you need to follow to create a perfect use case diagram.

  • Identify the actors first. There are several ways to identify an actor. Just keep in mind who and what of the system to find out actors.
  • Identify the use cases. It can be done when you think about the actions that actors make to drive the system.
  • A use case diagram should always serve the purpose for an actor.
  • Use case diagram should be simple and only covers the highest view of the entire system. Hence, there is no need to breakdown the system to minute level.
  • Use case diagram should be based on "what" of the system not "how".

Use case diagram example

Below is a use case example for you to understand the concepts discussed above. The below given use case diagram is about vehicle sales system. The use case diagram shows how to use relationships and the other essential components of use case diagram. The diagram has been taken from an online guide to use case by visual paradigm.

use case example

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