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Class Diagram is yet another important UML static structure diagram that is used to represent the classes within a system, their interaction and relationship with each other. It is imperative to create class diagrams before proceeding with the actual programming. It is a recommended practice by the experts to work our the UML diagrams in the first place before any coding. Hence, hiring an expert from a reliable assignment help service will set a right path for your software engineering coursework.

You can make a class diagram using multiple tools. For example, Eclipse has an inbuilt function to generate a class diagram for you. However, it can only be done by writing the class. Hence, not a recommended practice. You can take online assignment help UK and strengthen your basics about class diagram and other UML diagram.

What is a class diagram?

It is the primary building block of Object Oriented Programming. In UML notation, a class diagram is represented with the help of a box containing different elements in three sections. Top part has the class name; the middle part has the class attributes, and the bottom part has the name of the methods that a class can execute. It is about a single class. However, we need to use the concepts of aggregation and composition to set up the relationships between the class.

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Essential elements of a UML class diagram assignment

Before you start creating a UML class diagram, you must understand the elements of a class diagram. A class diagram is organized as a class name, attributes and operations. Class name is just a name given to the class, attributes are named properties of a class used for describing the object. Operations are the functions to be performed by the class methods.

Another important element of class diagram is relationships. Without a prior understanding of relationships it is impossible to do class diagram assignment. Relationships are of three kinds. Dependencies, Generalizations and Associations.

  • Dependencies - It is a relationship between two classes where a change in one class leads to the change in dependent class. However, this is a weaker relationship.
  • Generalizations - If you need to connect a subclass to a superclass, generalization is used. The example that will follow has Recurring Payment as a subclass to Payment.
  • Associations - It represents the static relationship between the two classes. For example, a transfer can be made from a bank account or to a bank account. It is generally a verb.

Best practice to create a class diagram without failing at Object Oriented Programming

Class diagram models your entire application. It is used to understand the true intent of application and how the associated classes interact with each other. Hence, creating a class diagram requires you to follow the best practices.

  • The class should have a meaningful name. Object oriented programming language standards recommend using a real world name for a class.
  • Establish relationship between classes in advance.
  • Minimize the properties of a class and remove any unwanted properties.
  • Before you create a class diagram using any tool, you should first create a drafted version of your class diagram on a paper. It helps in removing unwanted relationships and complications.
  • Correctly identify all the relationships and attributes of a class. You can update the relationships later, however, actual implementation can only be done if you have the final version of a class diagram.

Class diagram Example

Refer the class diagram example given below to understand how can you create a class diagram. The example given below is for the web-based bill payment system. The class diagram given below covers all aspects of online web bill payment system, including buyer, merchant, Bank, Admin etc.

class diagram example

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Relationship between class diagram and activity diagram

There is an incremental approach to learning UML diagrams. You can create an activity diagram first to model the workflow of your project and create a class diagram later. Hence, activity diagram is important for creating a class diagram. In case you ask us to do your class diagram assignment, we strongly recommend to share other UML diagrams you already have. In case you are struggling to do UML diagram assignments, we can assist you with both activity diagram assignment and the related assessments. is a one stop solution for all UML diagram assignments

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