Your Guide to Writing Different Essay Introductions

You don’t have to write something different while writing the essay introduction. Its structure stays the same. But, you have to write the introduction of the essay keeping its type in mind.

We will try to be your guide to write different types of essay introduction through this writing piece. So, read on to learn the same.


Introduction of the analytical essay

While writing an analytical essay introduction, your focus should be to inform the reader about the topic. It should clearly state what is your main point. In the first part of the introduction, you should include the three pieces of information. It could prove helpful for you in validating the analytical thesis.

As mentioned above, you have to inform the audience through this type of essay. Thus, it is a must for you to research much on the topic and should give a thought to the way to write introduction before writing it.

Narrative essay introduction

As a student, you must be aware that you narrate a story in the narrative essay writing. So, the introduction of the essay will include the glimpses of the story and you have to connect it with the thesis indirectly.

The information should be such as that briefs you about the significant moments of the story and it should also have much impact on the result of the story. When it comes to thesis in narrative essay writing, you should give the theme or should tell about what the story tries to teach.

Introduction of the persuasive essay

It is the type of assignment writing where you have to persuade your readers to agree with your views. You could start the introduction the way you want, but make sure it conveys what you are going to discuss in the essay.

If we talk about the argumentative essay writing, you should give at least three evidence to support your views. All of the supporting evidence should have one introductory sentence to present it.

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