Your Guide to the World’s 5 Oldest Universities


You may be aware of the top ranked universities of world. You must have the idea of the type of education they provide and the infrastructure you could avail at such universities.

However, you may not know the 5 oldest universities of the world. Through this article, we will try to give you some knowledge of that.

University of Bologna (Italy)


You may find it surprising to know that the University of Bologna is only 71 years away from its 1000th anniversary. One thing that could surprise you even more is that this university have never stopped providing services since its inception 1088.

You could pursue various courses at all levels from this university. In the QS World University Rankings, you could find Bologna university holding 208th place. There are as many as 84,200 students and 30,000 are pursuing post graduation out of that.

University of Oxford (United Kingdom)


You don’t need an introduction to the University of Oxford. You can’t just hide the urge you feel to study in this university. It is the university that you will not only find at the 6th place when it comes to QS University World Rankings.

But it also has a history that dates back to 1096. However, many people say that this institution has a history that goes further that. The number of students studying at the various levels are around 22,600.

University of Salamanca (Spain)


Spain is the country that is the home of the world’s 3rd oldest university. Located in west Madrid, University of Salamanca was founded in 1134.

One of thing that could grab your interest about this university is that it is the place where Christopher Columbus presented his idea of Indies expedition in front of the authorities. Today, this university is providing services to over 30,000 students in its nine campuses.

University of Paris


University of Paris is one of the finest educational institutes in the world. It was founded between 1160 to 1250. This university has seen its share of highs and lows and was suspended from operating between 1793 and 1896 due to French revolution.

In the 1970, this university was divided into 13 autonomous institutes, but you could expect to get high-quality education from all these institutes.

University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge)

One thing that makes University of Cambridge different from others is that it was established by a group of scholars. It is the institution that is ranked number 4 in the world that makes it placed above the University of Oxford. When it comes to number of students involved in the university, this number goes around 19,000.

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