Write error free English with ease

How to write effective and error free? Is it necessary, those who born as native English have the correct writing power? It is seen that people even from English speaking countries don’t have the proper writing capability. But as a matter of fact is, writing proper and simple English is the most overwhelming task for a college student.

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To write meek, clear and accurate English needs a level of ability and knowledge of the language which is the objective of almost anyone but unfortunately accomplishing that level only possible by very few people. Writing that lacks simplicity or clarity which is difficult for any reader would not score well in terms of the content.

Below I am going to explain some tricks which will be helpful to write English successfully:

  • Implement your ideas wisely and organise them logically prior to and when the writing processes begin. This is probably the most important guideline for all. If you are able to think clearly about a topic, then it would consequence the idea being transferred clearly and easily.
  • Give the readers an exact idea what is being conveyed. Start with an introduction or an indication of the main ideas of the topic, followed by an explanation of that on the body part of the topic. And last but not the least put a summary of the main points.
  • Stick to the main point Identified.
  • Write it in an interesting manner.
  • Though the readers are smart, but it is not necessary that they have all the knowledge and they familiar with that topic.
  • Each paragraph should be written in a constructive manner and cohesive based on a single key idea.
  • Always snub slang and guff.
  • Most of the time you should use words that are common and phrases.
  • Always write in passive voice means address the subject indirectly. Through active voice the subjects are directly linked to the action, it is not preferred.
  • Confused verbs should not be used.
  • Write parallel sentence in the paragraphs. Internally there ought to be regularity in sentence formation.
  • Give your instructions directly to the readers. It would help readers to understand more and the reader will be liable more.
  • Snub numerous negatives. This kind of sentence creates an awkward reading experience for most of the readers, which will lead to confusion and slower understanding.
  • If you use acronyms and abbreviations in your sentences, then they need to be explained. These acronyms and abbreviations cannot be understood easily by the readers. By expanding the meaning of them would be helpful for the readers.
  • Check the grammar and spelling accurately. An online spell checker tool can be used, but the document should be proofread properly to check whether the words are spelled correctly or not.
  • Initially, try to write short sentences. Sometimes readers tend to drop the main point due to long, run-on sentences. Help readers to stay concentrated by writing short sentences.
  • Make sure that every word and paragraph are essential.
  • Take assistance of your teacher or online assignment help, if necessary.