What Makes a Teacher Think of Quitting

Teachers have been serving society for ages. Whether it is related to the education or morality, teachers have leaved no stone unturned in teaching any of it.teacher-quit-image

Hence, it is a must for the society to show concern to the serious topic as to why some teachers quit such a respectful profession. We will try to discuss the same in this writing piece.

High demands of the work especially in fresher year

First reason that teachers give to quit the job is the high demands of the job. It is understandable as well because it could be tough for the fresher teachers.

Too high class strength, long shift hours and lack of infrastructure and study material could demoralize the teachers. As per the experts, lack of job security also bothers the young educators much.

Lack of support and respect

You must be aware that human is a social bird. All the people look for respect as well as support. If the teachers don’t get the same from the administration and their colleagues, it could be tough for them to carry on.

Parents could also be the reason to make the tutors feel helpless. Thus, it is a must for the administration, teachers and the parents to support and respect a teacher.

Not getting enough freedom to teach and due to fault in the system

Every teacher has his or her own style of teaching. They feel comfortable teaching in that particular way. Lots of educators find something lacking or faulty in the education system and that leads them to quit being a teacher.

Understanding and support from the administration could help the teachers in boosting their morals and they could find it easy to continue teaching.

Family reasons

One of the key reasons tutors quit being a teacher is due to the family reasons. Some of them have to raise their kids and some may quit teaching if they don’t get paid well for their work.

It is possible that some of your pupils may not be able to attempt their academic tasks well. It could be due to various reasons. It could lead to these students hurting their academics.

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