Ways to Write a 250 Word Academic Essay

Ways to Write a 250 Word Academic Essay

You may think that writing a thousand word essay is the most complex task you ever have attempted. However, your views may not stay the same when you are assigned to write an essay in 250 words by your professor.

It could turn out this way because you have to discuss a topic in just 250 words. So, you need not only to be at your best in terms of writing, but you have to feed all the important information about the topic as well. Having clarity of the subject is a must for you for that and same could be said about acknowledging the key points of the information. Let’s find out more on the same in this write-up.

Plan the essay well

You need to be smart while structuring the essay as you have to complete the essay in around 250 words. In this type of coursework, you may have to follow conventional essay format that includes; introduction, main body and conclusion.

You have to give a thought to what you will write in these sections. It would be wise to stay focused on the main points of the essay throughout as rambling could lead you to exceed the word limit and readers won’t find it interesting to read such essay as well. You should also make sure to use short sentences while writing the assignment.

Make the introduction clear and crispy

In the other type of essay where you have more than 250 words to discuss a topic, you can write a lengthy introduction or thesis statement of the essay. However, you can’t do the same while writing a short essay with a limit of 250 words.

Here, you need to sum up your introduction in around 25 words. It means you can introduce your essay topic in one or two sentences. To put it more simply, you should write only one point of view or argument in the thesis statement.

Stick to the points while writing the main body

In this section of the essay, you should write the main points that explain your views. You should use short sentences throughout the main body and should conclude this section in around 200 words.

It would be ideal for you to divide this section in two or three paragraphs to convey your thoughts clearly and one or two examples could prove to be sufficient as well.

Conclusion should be compelling

In the conclusion, you have to summarize your views keeping the main points from the introduction and main body in mind. You should use around 25 words to write the conclusion.

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