Ways to Keep Cool While Writing a Dissertation


Dissertation writing is the type of academic writing that every final year Ph.D. student has to do. It is much required to do to show the research and findings done by the students. However, it’s not an easy task like writing any other assignment or school homework. Instead, it requires you to make a lot more effort.

In addition, young-adults life is not like children. You have to attend the lectures, have to give time to the internship or part-time job and also have to write a thesis as well. As an assignment help online provider, we understand that you might feel burden over your shoulders. Thus, here in this write-up, we will discuss how you can keep cool while attempting a dissertation.

Start the dissertation with ample time in hand

It has been seen that lots of students feel under pressure because they start writing their assignments when they find the submission date approaching fast. This way they not only feel disturbed but also end up making mistakes due to writing in a hurry. So, to avoid this type of situation, you should start churning out your dissertation with appropriate time in hand.

Breaks are much needed

As we are discussing the importance of keeping calm in the process of writing a dissertation, breaks are also something that is much needed for that. So, whenever you sit to write the thesis make sure to take short breaks. This way you will be able to keep the frustration at bay and will be able to write your assignment more effectively.

Take friends help

Dissertation writing is the process in which you not only need to do lots of writing. In addition, you have to do many other things such as research, formatting and referencing. So, it is understandable that you cant do it all with your busy schedule. That’s why we suggest you to ask a friend to do all the other additional tasks for you.

Opt for assignment writing help

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How to manage time for dissertation writing


Everybody knows that dissertations are time-consuming. Want it or not, you will have to allocate huge chunks of time in order to prepare a dissertation. Now, the key is to manage time efficiently. If you don’t know how to do so, we have tried to make it simpler for you. Have a look at how you can manage your time for writing a dissertation.

Plan ahead for all your activities

Dissertation writing is one of the most vital parts of academics. To ensure that you have enough time in hand to complete it, you should allocate enough time for it. Use a calendar to keep everything in your visual focus. Take print outs of the crucial deadlines and activities. Now, cut out the major details only to paste them on your calendar along with the related dates. Basically, you will have to prioritize your work as per their importance. You can make changes to the calendar whenever you feel to do so. If you want you can consult your teachers and mentors while developing your plan.

Allocate your task on a daily basis

The next thing after making a schedule is to follow it on a daily basis. Mostly, students fall prey to procrastination. It becomes tough and sometimes impossible for them to meet their deadline. This is why make sure you are actually writing your dissertation in the hours specified for the task. On average, you should invest two to three hours every day on writing (may vary with respect to your deadline). If possible, try to do this on weekends as well. Having a fixed study schedule will not only wipe out your habit of delaying things but also make you productive like never before.

Prioritize tasks by worksheets

Being a student, you should always map out the entire schedule (on a weekly basis at least). Include days of the week at the top of the paper. Then jot down the hours you are going to be awake on the vertical side. Separate this data with a grid so that every cell can present each hour in a day. Next to this, point out the most crucial tasks related to your dissertation. For instance, collecting data is something that is going to demand most of your time. It is undoubtedly a crucial task and worthy of being on the top of the priority list. So, you can give more time to data collection on your dissertation worksheet. To make the process easier, you can prioritize your task by chapter drafts marked with high-priority and low-priority things. For instance, data gathering should have the highest priority whereas the reference list can be put in the low-priority task.

Maintain a Dissertation Journal

Journals can be the best way to track the progress of your writing a dissertation. Be it data collection or the actual process of writing a dissertation, a journal will give you an overall glimpse of your current status. However, you will have to be regular with your journal. Make entries while writing a dissertation on a daily basis (or on a weekly basis). It would turn out to be handy when you will surround yourself with the stress of too many tasks. At times you may have too many things in your hand to manage. It may include assignments and presentations which are equally important in an academic journey. When you will try to have a sorted approach in order to maintain your goals while writing a dissertation for every chapter.

Keep personal electronic devices away

Don’t let any kind of distraction wipe out your efforts and focus. Using personal electronic devices is certainly one of the most important factors that you need to put into your consideration. While arranging your schedule, don’t forget to include the time you spend on using gadgets. Sometimes, we spent way too much time than we can think can on social media, gaming, calls, and various other activities.  You never know, but, these devices are counterproductive. Limit your usage of personal gadgets. It will leave you with more time to write and polish your dissertation writing. The best thing to make an extended schedule is to draft a calendar style time table. Try to make it visually attractive so that you don’t have to stress for checking it out. You can use colorful markers or highlighters.