Ways to Improve your English Vocabulary

You must be well aware of how significant English language is in your academics. Your professor could ask you to write an academic any day and you may feel like bombed if you don’t possess required English writing skills.

Having a firm grip on the English vocabulary is one the primary requirements to write well. Thus, through this write-up, our aim is to give you an idea of how to improve your English vocabulary.

English Vocabulary
English Vocabulary

Become a bookworm

Practice makes a man perfect. You may have heard this saying a lot, but here, you need to apply it to yourself if you want to expand your vocabulary. Reading books, novels and journals, etc. could prove helpful for you in improving your English.

It is way through that you will encounter lots of new words. You should look for the meaning of these words in the dictionary and you will see the improvement.

Keep a pocket dictionary

You may think how would you keep a dictionary in your pocket that contains hundreds of words. Well, think some more and you will realize that you can get an online dictionary in your phone.

No matter wherever you wander, just make sure to learn few words every day using the dictionary.

Use flashcards to learn

Remember the good old days when you used to make lots of the notes for everything during the school. One of the useful resources from that sort of learning was flashcards.

Flashcards are still not a thing of past. It could prove much helpful for you in learning new words every day. So, write around ten words on flashcards every day and learn the new words in the easiest way.

Engaging in conversations is a good way to learn

You can simply understand that you learn every new word by talking with your parents, siblings, and friends. So, it is highly doubtful that you will not learn some new words if you talk to whoever you wish to.

Thus, you should engage in the conversations often with the people and your aim should be to learn some new words from the conversations.

Put emphasis on learning the root words

Don’t you think that you could learn the meaning of a new word if you have the idea of its prefix or suffixes? So, you should give importance to learning the root words of the English language.

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