Useful Books for the Dyslexic Children

Lots of children suffer from the problem of Dyslexia. It is the problem in which children have difficulty in reading. It affects their academics and personal life in several ways as reading is much required in daily life.


So, it is a must that the proper care should be given to these kids. As an assignment help provider, we understand this issue and have come up with an article that tries to suggest you some books that could prove helpful for the children with dyslexia.


Its called dyslexia by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

It is the book from the authors who have written many books on the various types of disorders. It is a well-written 36 pages story that revolves around a girl. This girl has the knowledge of alphabet but finds it tough to form words and sentences by putting letters together. This young kids’ teacher understands her struggle and explains it to her that she has dyslexia and the girl gets the much needed help.

Tacky the penguin by Helen Lester

It is the book by Helen Lester that doesnt tell the story of any dyslexic kid, but is about a penguin called Tacky. Tacky is a penguin who is not good at doing everything the right way. Tacky comes in the eyes of his friends for being different and helpful. All and all, this story tries to convey a simple message that is to “be yourself.”

What is dyslexia by Alan M. Hultquist

Parents are the people whose support is crucial for the children having problems like dyslexia. It is a book that tries to offer the same type of help and parents can read it with the children. It is a very informative book and also includes many activities that parents and children can do together.

Author a true story by Helen Lest

You can understand by having a look at the name of the book that its the author’s own story. By reading this book, you can get to know how she had difficulty in writing because of her reading disabilities. Furthermore, author Helen Lester has also given tips on how to write when you get frustrated with trying to write.

Brock by Anthony McGowan

This book is written by the author Anthony McGowan who is among the best children’s author in the modern times. Brock is one the stories by this author that features two boys fight a gang of badger biters. It is a different book because it shows the reading struggles of the older kids.

So, these are some books that you can refer to your kids or students who have dyslexia or could gain valuable information to understand their problems better.

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