Try Figuring out these Foreign Idioms in English

Understanding Idioms and solving puzzles is not only interesting, but it could also prove helpful for you in learning a lot. However, sometimes, your teacher or some foreigner classmate could tell you some Foreign idioms. This way it could get even tough for you to understand an idiom as you may not have heard it before.

So, in this write-up, we will try to tell you the meaning of some foreign idioms to counter such situation.

When chicken have teeth

It is a comical idiom that is originated from France. According to the chicken anatomy chickens do not have teeth. They have beaks instead. So, this phrase refers to something that is impossible.

To swallow some camels

It is quite obvious that acknowledging your mistake is not easy. In Norway, people use this idiom for the people who can’t accept their mistakes or their views were wrong and swallowing a camel is unimaginable.

My cheeks are falling off

My cheeks are falling off does not mean something like I am getting older, etc. Instead, it is a Japanese idiom that you can use to describe a tasty food. It is a high praise in Japan and it could make a chef smile a lot if you say it in some Japanese restaurant.

To tie a bear to someone

It could be quite fearful for anyone if they have a bear or some other animal tied to them. Germans use this expression for the confusing situation. So, you can use this idiom if you want to express a confusing situation.

Break a fast with an onion

What would be your reaction if you are asked to break a fast with an onion? Well, you would be like “it is not what I expected.” This funny Arabic idiom can be used for the same type of situation.

Not all donuts come with a hole

Okay! You must be well aware of the fact that not all the donuts come with a hole. So, what could this Italian idiom mean? Well, it means that things do not always go as well as you would like.

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