Trending Technologies and their uses in the classrooms

Though technology is trending among classrooms, you should take care of it. Otherwise that will be a disaster for your classes. Technology trends for which you should be careful in classrooms are given below:

Mobile phones in classroom
Mobile phones can both be helpful and harmful. Choice is yours
  1. Use of Mobile Phones in the Classroom

Mobile phones can be very useful for students.  These mobile phones can be used as a camera for media projects, used for Internet access and graphing calculators. Their countless implementations will progress continuously with the addition of new technology. Though there is a fear of cheating or disturbing conversations via text message appear largely, but the mobile fans argue that these issues existed in the classroom long before even before the beginning of mobile phones.

In order to keep track of using Smartphones in the classroom is Poll Everywhere. Poll Everywhere can track live viewers polling via SMS text messages or the internet. This is offered with some prices for the corporate sector, but the free version is very famous for instructors who utilise this polished app for classroom studies and surveys.

  1. Using of Microblogging via Social Media

Think of microblogging leads to social networking site like “Twitter”. It is the king of all microblogging sites, where you can type 140-character texts which are sent out as “tweets” to your followers and subscribers either from the Twitter website or through other SMS (short message service) applications. It is very hard to avoid the use of Twitter. Some teachers make the classroom as “Twittersphere”.

Some teachers make use of Twitter simply to remind class stuffs to students. For example: “math test on Monday!” and which is very short and simple.

  1. Mouse Mischief

In education, budget is a huge problem. Every student cannot afford a laptop in the classroom. Microsoft is very helpful teacher which will see things on that way. It’s program Mouse Mischief ( works quickly with Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing teachers to comprise interactive factors like multiple choice questions in their presentations. So that students can easily use wireless or wired USB mouse and click their answers in real time. It is an easy and swift tool for student to engage them. And Microsoft has made board simple for teachers by enabling single-click commands and teacher can manage that disable mouse and set timers with other things. This design prolongs up to 40 mouse in one classroom and it has been successfully examined across the world.

The principle is nearly equal to that of Poll Everywhere text polls, but takes advantage of what most of the schools already have. For most of the students who have ever prepared a PowerPoint Presentation, Mouse Mischief is a welcome venture into the synergistic classroom technology.

Final Points:

Though the above things are trending in classrooms now, it should be taken care that these technologies are used properly by students. They never try to surf any unhealthy website, neither in the classroom nor outside. Use of trending technology makes students smarter, but it has both its own pros and cons.

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