Top Anti-bullying Books

Bullying is something that has been corrupting the education system since a long time. Whether its a primary level student or a university one, many of them have to deal with some type of pranks, tease or beating. It is quite obvious that this thing takes a toll on the kids mind and proves harmful for them both in personal and academic life.

 Many efforts have been made by the educationists and lawmakers. Their efforts have proven fruitful but not fully. Thus, there is a need for everyone in the society to play their part to stop bullying. Some of the writers have done the same and have come up with some books that try to make youngsters aware of the harm caused by bullying.

 So, as an assignment help provider, here we will take a look at some of those books.

 The juice box bully by Bob Sornson and Maria Dismondy

 Schools are the places where the students not only learn about various subjects but they also gain valuable information about life. Unity is one such thing that proves much helpful for everyone throughout the life and writers also try to convey the same in this book. In this well-written book, a writer tries to tell that kids can combat bullying if they dont leave the victim kid alone and stand up for him or her.

 Crysenthemum by Kevin Henkes

 It is a picture book that is aimed at the preschool-3 graders. It is the story that puts light on the teasing, self-esteem and acceptance among the toddlers. The most noticeable thing about this book is that its more than one million copies were sold. Furthermore, American Library Association named this book as a notable book for children.

 The hundred dresses by Eleanor Estes

 This book is something that could be called as vintage among these anti-bullying books. It is a book that first got printed in 1945 and is still getting printed. This story revolves around a child who gets bullied by peers for wearing same dress to school on daily basis. It shows the feelings of that particular child and also takes a look at the other students who do nothing but see this happening.

 Tease by Amanda Macial

 It is the story that discusses the life of a teenage girl who faces criminal charges after her classmate commits suicide because of getting bullied by her. The story shows how that teenagers’ classmates, community and media react to her. This book is mainly for the 9th or above level students.

 So, you also try reading these books as a student or suggest your students to read it to make the education free of bullying.

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