Tools and Tips to Help Kids to Improve Handwriting


Is it difficult for you to comprehend your child’s handwriting? Well! That is typical for kids when they begin composing however you can tweak it effectively with specific tips and tools. These tips would help your child is working on their handwriting. Several reasons can keep your child away from accomplishing great handwriting. You need to comprehend the reasons and work for its improvement. Handwriting is a multi-tasking process that tells a lot about human’s behaviour. There is a lot of fine motor skills involved in the process of writing. Each child needs to foster this expertise.

Every one of the little muscles of the body is associated with fine motor abilities. In specific, muscles that unequivocally control the developments of the tongue, lips, feet, wrists, hands, and so forth. Little muscles present in the fingers and hands are crucial for handwriting abilities. At the point when your psyche helps you in framing states of the word, hand developments articulate it on paper. In this manner, we can say that handwriting is substantially more than simply pencil and paper.  

Let us talk about some artistic tools and tips, articulated by the expert writers of that would help your kids with improved handwriting. 

Common handwriting issues 

You might come across the fact that handwriting is taught to a kid who is four years or older. This is because handwriting requires fine motor skills. Every kid has different handwriting, even the twin kids. But what are the common issues that you are likely to find in the handwriting of kids? There are three major issues. 

  • Problem with letter shapes
  • Grip and posture issues
  • Spacing issues 

In the English language, the letters are formed of balls and bats. Certain letters are similar in shape. It requires coordination in kids to form these letters correctly. Lowercase letters often have round curves and edges. Hence, they are harder to make. This is why kids generally like writing in capital letters. This handwriting trouble can be solved with continuous practice. Moreover, grip and posture issues also require plenty of practice for improvement. The placement of the elbow and arm also plays a significant role to write readable letters. 

As far as the spacing issue is concerned, it is crucial for kids to understand how distance works. In the English language, words and letters hold space between them. Moreover, there are combination words that are separated by various punctuations. It is the duty of parents and teachers to help kids learn all these things well. 

Ways of improving your kid’s handwriting

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Must have tools for a better handwriting 

Do you know certain specialized tools and apps can help your kids improve their writing along with fine motor skills? Kids can practice and make use of these products anywhere anytime. Given below is the list of tools for improved handwriting.

  1. Printable handwriting worksheets
  2. Print handwriting workbooks
  3. Animated alphabets
  4. Alphabet wall strips
  5. Pencil Grippers
  6. Alphabet desk strips 
  7. Handwriting printing
  8. Alphabet wall posters

All these tools do not only enhance handwriting but also makes fine motor skills better. If a kid develops fine motor skills then his or her foundational muscle strength can also be built up. It is going to help your kid in a long run. Moreover, there are various online services that can help your kids with improved handwriting. You can simply look for these services on the internet. You just need to surf take my online class. 

Ways to improve kid’s handwriting

Given below are some expert tips that every parent can consider to help their kids improved handwriting. 

Help them hold the pencil correctly 

How can you write without a pen or a pencil? Therefore, it is significant that the kid holds the writing tool correctly. Buy them a good quality pencil and make sure they practice handwriting with it and not with any crayon or sketch pen. You should teach them to hold it correctly with the thumb, index, and middle finger. There are four stages of holding a pencil. These are cylindrical grasp, digital grasp, modified tripod grasp, and tripod grasp.

Right and comfortable stationery is crucial 

Comfort is critical in any work. At the point when you are teaching your children handwriting to ensure you utilize the best and agreeable stationaries. For instance, utilizing an awful pencil would make it unpleasant for kids to form a neat and dark write up. Then again, on the off chance that you utilize a decent quality pencil, the best can be created with the least pressure and pressing factor. Additionally, utilize a decent quality eraser. This would likewise save your child’s time changing and fixing stationaries. Kids can easily lose interest in the learning process if they focus more on the stress of stationaries. Taking everything into account, give your children a four-lined page with the goal that they can gain proficiency with the size and dispersing of letters in order.

A favorable environment for learning 

You can share this secret with your friends as well. If you want to make your kids confident for life, you should provide them with a happy and encouraging environment. For the better growth of your kid as an individual, it is significant to learn things in a comfortable environment. It keeps their excitement alive and keeps them encouraged. Confidence is among the top 5 traits of a successful student. Ask them to try again if they make mistake. Do not discourage them. Moreover, a comfortable environment also includes a convenient set of tables and chairs. This would help your kids in a good posture and angle. 

Make learning fun for kids 

Involvement is crucial for learning. It is your duty to figure out ways to keep your child involved in the learning process. You can give them a rainbow coloured pencil to make their learning process fun. Moreover, providing a purpose to their practice would also be a good addition to the process. You can do it with the help of puzzles, hangman games, anagrams, and many other creative practices. In case your child is under extreme academic pressure and cannot focus on handwriting betterment, you can seek help from an assignment writing service. 

Let them know the problems 

As discussed above, there are major three issues regarding handwriting. These are letter shaping issues, grip and posture issues, and spacing issues. If you want to make the handwriting of your child better you need to work on their practice. Tell them about the problems in their writing and encourage them to solve them. Kids often write in an illegible way so that they can hide their mistakes. Low self-confidence can also be a reason that can make your kid write illegibly. It is always better to solve the underlying issues rather than forcing your kid to refine his or her handwriting. 

Patience is significant 

Every child has speed and grasping ability. When some children learn things early, some takes time. You cannot push them or put them in a competition. In the learning period, it is necessary for you to keep patience. The attention span of kids is also low and it might frustrate you. However, you do not have to lose your cool. You should look for ways to keep their interest in learning alive. Moreover, kids mimic the behaviour of their parents. So, in the case of writing, write slowly and neatly in front of them. They’ll copy the same. 


As a parent, you can teach your kids anytime and in any place. You should come up with artistic ways of learning. It is significant that you teach your kids to try harder instead of worrying about failure. Encourage them every moment to make their handwriting strong, fluent, and cursive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How one can make their handwriting better?
A. One can make their handwriting better with few tips like choosing the right pen to write, checking writing posture, the right paper, writing slowly, managing the heights of the letters, and copying writing of choice.
Q. How handwriting can be improved in 5 minutes?
A. Given are some tricks that can help anyone making their handwriting better in just 5 minutes. One can write slowly, identify their weak points, writing a journal, handwriting practice, and etc.