Tips To Deal With The Writers Block

A writer is someone who needs to have information in mind rather than tension as writing is a task that requires much concentration and dedication. But things dont stay this way for some writers, and they come face to face with writers block, a condition in that a writer doesnt get the ideas to write. It can be caused due to a writer going through something or because of procrastination. Some students have to deal with it as well when they sit to write their assignment or dissertation and face the risk of losing valuable marks in the academics. So, keeping this thing in mind, we have come up with some tips that could be helpful for you in dealing with the writers block.


Try reading something

First step you should take to get out of writers block is to read something related to your studies and check if you get inspired. If it doesnt go well then, you can try reading something different but make sure that its well written.

Read your assignment or dissertation

You should take a look at your assignment or dissertation as a whole instead of reading the bit where you stuck. This way you can benefit from taking a look at the bigger picture.

Focus on something else

If first two things dont work then, you should try to focus on something else. You can do some chores such as cleaning your room, can drink a coffee or could go outside for a walk. Doing these stuff for a short time can be refreshing for your mind, and you could feel motivated again.

Take a complete break

Going to bed early or thinking about anything except your assignment or dissertation could be beneficial for you as well. But you also need to ensure that you dont miss the submission deadline.

Answer some emails or write a thank you card

If you find it hard to look at your assignment or dissertation then, you can write something you have been ignoring. You can answer your emails or can write a thank you card. After sometime, you should have a go at your dissertation again, and you may find that its the actual writing thats the problem rather than working up your ideas.

Pressure can also push you to work better

There are some people who get creative ideas when they are under pressure or feeling worn out rather than when they feel fresh. So, working under pressure could be stimulating for you and could be helpful for you in coming out of writers block. But it cant be recommended as a general tactic for getting down to your writing.

Talk to someone

You can also try to talk to someone. Talking to a person from your support group could be the best but if it doesnt happen than talk to anyone you like or who is willing to listen.

Write in a different place

Changing the scenery around you could also be beneficial for you. So, you can pack your bag and can go to a park, library, cafe with a fine seating and calm atmosphere.

Do research

If the ideas dont come in your mind then, you can spend your time doing research of the part where you are stuck. This way may be you will not find anything new, but you can reassure that you know much about what you are writing. You can also think about finding the solution of anything tough you find in your assignment.

Write something old

You can try to write something that you have written in the past to get into the writing mode. You can also try using different font or color when you are working on an assignment or dissertation so that your writing stands out.

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