Techniques to Write a Reflective Essay


Among college students, a reflection paper or reflective essay is a quite famous thing. It is written to describe an experience of yours or an event. It is called reflective because it holds the analysis of writers from the past to write it in present. However, it can be tough for students to compose an excellent reflective essay. With the help of this blog, you can learn tips that would make your reflective essay writing process easy.

A reflective paper requires an academic tone along with a personal and subjective touch. You need to write about your experience, academic task, subject knowledge, etc. in a reflective essay. A reflective essay provides you with an opportunity to know how your observations and personal experiences have shaped up your thinking. Moreover, it helps in the betterment of analytical skills. It also helps you appreciate others ideas and thoughts. Let us read of some techniques handpicked by the experts of

Organizing a Reflective Essay 

There is nothing different in the organization of reflective essays. It is done like any other essay. The outline of a reflective essay comprises an introductory paragraph, body paragraph, and conclusion.

The first paragraph should introduce the readers to the subject and provide them with a general idea about the essay. It should have a thesis statement so that you can establish a focal point for your essay. If you find this daunting and stressful you can seek the help of a good essay-typer.

Next is the body of the essay. You can write up to 4 paragraphs in the body and mention things in them accordingly. In the first paragraph of the body, you should tell the readers why a certain thing made an impact on you. You can speculate in the essay as it is reflective. No matter how you write, there would be no right or wrong. Moreover, in the second and third paragraphs, you can talk about the other two reasons why you had an impression on you because of your subject.

In the end, you need to conclude things with a conclusion paragraph. Here, you can provide a recap of what you have mentioned in your essay earlier. You can conclude your essay with some reflective and final thoughts. In case you are under academic pressure due to which you think you might not be able to write an effective reflective essay then you look for some help from assignment essay writing services the UK. 

How to Write a Reflective Essay

Let us read about the steps that are involved in the process of reflective essay writing.

Creating a theme

The major step for writing a reflective essay is to select a topic or create a theme. Once you are done with the selection of topic, you need to write a summary of what you have gained out of that topic as an experience. Be honest to the readers and write what you feel about the topic. If you write the reflective essay with all honesty, your readers would relate to it. They would understand your perspective better and understand your side of the story. You can look for some exemplary write-ups on our website. It would help you in the formation of a good reflective essay.

Brainstorming ideas and experiences 

The next step towards a good reflective essay is a brainstorming session. One can write quotes, predispositions, and experiences that have put an impact.

Analyzing the reason behind the impact 

The next and third step is to analyze the experience. You can think of the situation and write why a certain experience has affected you in a certain way. Moreover, what other ways you had reacted it to and other reasoning for agreeing or disagreeing with a situation.

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Connecting observation, opinions, and experiences 

If you are writing a reflective essay, you need to form a cohesive picture out of your ideas and insights into the experience you had.


Steps for Writing Reflective Essay 

Given below are some of the things that should be considered while writing a reflective essay.

Brainstrom the events

Think of any event that had happened to you and you could turn it into a topic. Once you have an event in mind, figure out what do you feel about it. Moreover, what impact it had put on your life and why? In this way, you can create a thesis for your paper. It will also play the role of your focal point. In addition to this, you can ask experts when you need assistance to write my essay. 

Writing thesis and identifying central idea

Next, you should write the thesis and identify the central idea or argument of the paper. It will serve the readers as a way towards the evolution of your thoughts on a particular topic. You should further write paragraphs that you could connect to the central idea of your essay. However, if you create a flow diagram in your essay like this, you can see the structure of the essay crystal clear. If you are finding the creation of a reflective essay you can hire essay writers online.  

Make the opening paragraph exemplary 

Your opening paragraph should be strong, catchy, and exemplary. Your introduction should have the capacity to engage and hold readers to read your writing.

Include all the supportive ideas together 

All the arguments in support of your writing, examples and ideas should be included in the body of the essay. In each paragraph, your emphasis should be on one point so that you can cover things in a good way.

Conclude the essay strongly 

Last but not least comes the conclusion of your essay. While writing a conclusion, try to make a summary of your thoughts in the first sentence. Write down about all the things you have learned and how your experiences can help others. In order to make your essay excellent and fun to read, you can give it closure with a rhetorical question. For example: ask your readers about their reaction in the same situation. Or you can ask them to write or think of a topic of their own.

These were some of the effective ways to counter issues of a reflective essay. With these tips, try writing your experience in words.


The aforementioned points are the most essential techniques used to write an essay of reflective type. The process of reflective thinking starts with you. If you make an effort and examine your thoughts, you can come up with an exemplary reflective essay. This can fetch you high grades. Moreover, this type of essay examines your assumptions, values, and attitude. This type of writing can be therapeutic which will help you in your weaknesses and strength. Moreover, it helps in the development of critical thinking and introspective posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we use I in reflective essays?
A. Yes, one should always write reflective essays in first-person pronouns such as I, me, we, and our.
Q. Why reflective essays are considered important?
A. Reflective essays are considered important because it encourages us to make observations about our experiences and beliefs.