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Top five traits of successful students

What are the secrets of success? A student is not successful in the academic career accidentally. Those students who beat anticipations and outshine would be liable at signifying traits which are similar. There are certain traits which have been found from successful students. I pick only top five habits or traits which a student can follow and excel in his or her career.

Traits of Successful Students
Successful Students have few traits that differentiates them from others.
  1. Learn time management:

Tasks given by teachers to complete in home may seem crushing. But if it is broken down into smaller parts, then the assignment becomes more controllable. By dividing assignments into smaller parts is ensuring that there is sufficient time to make for continuing projects and all the encompassing unit tests can be completed on time. So you can complete a portion of a task everyday and your time will be managed very beautifully.

  1. Follow systematic rules:

Researchers say if a person remain organised, then there are more chances of success. It is extremely effective for students. It is a fact that many college bound students who are complete failures as they never maintain a systematic order to complete their assignments, folders, and binders. So follow some rules in order to maintain a systematic career. That doesn’t mean that you should not chill out with your family, friends and relatives! But at least you can follow some rules in your life which maintain a smooth career in your study life.

  1. Eat healthy foods and stay fit:

We cannot ignore the importance of nutritious food from our daily schedule. To accomplish the rewards of living a healthy life one has to get enough sleeping, a nutritious food, and stay hydrated. With improved energy and transparency of thought, activities which need concentration and speed; for example: math problems can be easily completed if you have focus and practice.

  1. Involve in extracurricular activities:

Apart from study life there are numerous extracurricular activities to get involved. It is a common human psychology to effort under a time restriction by remaining attentive. The interesting thing is that the quicker they complete their assigned tasks, the better it is as they would have the whole evening to play around with different activities. To have prolonged idle time has its drawback as well, as students have a tendency to delay their assignments as they think they will complete their tasks later which leads to inefficiency. Thus, if a child is opposed to do extra-curricular activities or community activities, he or she should be encouraged to get involved in a positive manner!

  1. Sharing ideas/thoughts with the family:

A student may not be self-conscious looking for help or guidance in the homework from his or her parents. If they do expect any kind of help, parents should choose the best best assignment expert. Apart from the guidance in study, they can share other things with their parents also. If they realise that they have complete support from their parents, which will bring confidence among them. So it is a great habit to share your problems or expectations with your family.


Steps to prepare your Pre-Exam Schedule

Exam is knocking at the door. Pressure and tension of scoring high marks and doing well in examination become a nightmare for students. They complain of a host of physical and mental problems while preparing for their examinations. Such kind of problem becomes like a trauma for students sometimes.

Preparation for the examination
Prepare for the exams and get a high score

So, how to overcome this exam stress? Below I am going to explain some points. Hope my dear readers will appreciate it.

  1. Make a timetable:

Busy and unsystematic lifestyle are the crucial causes of stress before exams. Students may work hard for their test, but without the proper scheduling of their routine causes pre-exam tension. They unable to recognise the power of discipline. Thus, preparing a daily timetable is a great way which you can do before examination. Write the names of subjects in a list which you are going to study for the day. It will help you with time management.

  1. Complete sleeping and nutrition:

We all know that sleeping for eight hours and eating the right food with nutrition can aid you to release pressure. Sleeping will help you in relaxing the threadbare nerves, while eating lots of green vegetables can aid to regulate your stress.

  1. Do not get by heart:

Get by heart is probably the worst way of learning. Through learning by heart without understanding the concept only helps to remember the thing for a short time. But if you learn your topics by clearing the fundamentals, then that will be remembered for a long time. Students have the tendency to certainly forget things on the day of the examination. A far better substitute to get by heart is meaningful learning. You can do in a way like first learn the theories and then apply them to practical problems. Another best way to learn is to read, write and learn simultaneously. By applying all of your senses will aid you to be stress free and remembering things for a longer period of time.

  1. Avoid irritating people:

A healthy interaction or kidding with friends will aid you to release your stress. Try to avoid those who irritate you out the most: the snooping neighbour, the aggravating classmate who calls you up at odd hours or the inflexible cousin. Not only are they frustrating, they emit a negative vibe, which is not good for at least at the time exam. Instead of that try to share your words with folks who are supporting and cheering like your loving family and friends who are always caring about your prosperity.

  1. Organise your priority properly:

We are not super humans who can do some magic! But organise a list of primacies will aid you to essence on areas which require more consideration. If you are poor in biology, spend some extra hours to understand the concept. On the other hand, if you are strong in the humanities, you may spend a little less time on that. Arranging your subjects in proper order will help you to schedule your routine and make the best of your learning.

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How to effectively manage time for better results

Student life is full of numerous activities such as learning, studying, fun and sports. This leaves them with very less time as there are only 24 hours in one day. So time management proves to be a pretty effective strategy for them to fully utilize their resources. Successful people always give value to their time and this strategy never disappoints them. Time management helps build the careers of the students and gives them the opportunity to choose whatever career they want. The hectic schedules of colleges and a lot of other events like discussions, parties, catching up with friends and homework pressure requires them to balance their life with the help of time management.

effective time management

Therefore the following tips may be helpful for the students to effectively manage their quality tome:

  • Setting targets: setting up of short term targets is very helpful for the students as it helps them complete the task at hand and move ahead. It also allows them to change the strategy well within time.
  • Prioritizing the tasks: giving a priority to more relevant tasks helps the students to effectively and efficiently manage their time.
  • Never procrastinate: procrastination should never be allowed to take precedence because doing the things at the earliest really pays. Introduction of delays bring unnecessary pressure on the students and the list of pending work only grows.
  • Organize: wasting time in unproductive activities leads only to despair for the students. So try to avoid such activities that are not useful and eat most of your time. So it is pertinent for the students to organize their tasks and activities well.
  • Proper work structure: the proper and effective breakdown of work is equally necessary for the students. His is the concept of project management to manage the tasks.

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