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Do You Have Slow Learners in Your Class? Try These Tips

Students having a problem in understanding math is not something new. This subject comprises many tough concepts that are not easy to learn, and many students might also be facing some difficulty in learning math. But it doesn’t mean that they are a slow learner. They also possess same intellectual abilities as their classmates and can do well in math. But, they might have a problem in concentrating, and there is also a possibility that they don’t learn by the normal way of teaching. That’s why educationists have come up with some techniques that might prove helpful in teaching the students who have a problem in dealing with math.

 slower learners

Make learning more practical

It’s a fact that even normal kids don’t like learning in the strict atmosphere so it’s harder for a slow learner as well. That’s why you should try to teach them doing additions, subtractions and multiplication using things like flowers, biscuits, etc.

Teach individually or in small groups

It’s quite obvious that student who learns slow need special attention from the teacher. So, you should teach them individually and learn where they have a problem. Also, teaching these students in small groups might prove beneficial as well because the students will not only learn the subject but will improve their social skills as well.

Customized classes

Students want to learn the classes that are fun filled. So, keeping this thing in mind, many organizations offer customized plans for slow learners to improve their skills. That’s why the school could also take professional help and having good follow-ups to help these children at home could also prove beneficial for them.

 Try sound therapy

It is an effective way of helping the students who have a problem in learning math.In this method, the therapist uses sound and tools which stimulate auditory pathways to help students in improving their concentration power. This therapy might also come handy in enhancing the auditory transmission in the brain by stimulating the muscles near the ear passage and might help them in regaining the original power or capability.

 Cognition training

Processing and cognitive enhancement training program or PACE. It’s a technique that might be helpful for the students in enhancing their level of perception and cognition and might be helpful for the students in increasing their focus, especially on the subject like math. Moreover, it could also boots students neurological connections and could prove helpful for students in growing fast in the academics.

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Are You Tired of Your Kids Homework Procrastination?

We can understand how you feel when your kid’s teacher sends you a note complaining about your kid’s habit of not doing homework. We also understand how you feel when you ask your kid to attempt homework, but your kid keeps doing whatever interests him or her. Lots of parents face the same problem, and don’t know what to do to get help them in getting rid of the homework procrastination. So, as an online assignment help provider, we have come up with few points that could be useful for you in making your kid do his or her homework daily. So, read on to know more.

Homework Procrastination

Set a time

The first thing you should do to make your kid attempt his or her homework is set a specific time for their homework and ask your kid to follow it. You can set an hour in the evening when your kid forgets school stress and feels relaxed. This way your kid will make a habit of doing homework in that hour slowly and will excel in the academics.

Set rewards

Some parents think that being strict or scolding at the kids could make them do the homework. But it’s not the right way as the kids might get frustrated and end up skipping homework or attempting it in a wrong way. So, it’s better for you to skip being strict and offer him or her with rewards instead. When you promise of playing with your kid if he or she completes homework or give some gift, then the kid will feel motivated and will do homework regularly.

Be an inspiration for your kid

Another thing you can do to make your kid do homework is that you can become an inspiration for him or her. You might be confused about how to do that? Well, you can try doing some of the office work at home when your kid attempts his or her homework. This way your kid might get inspired and start to do homework regularly.

Give your kid calm atmosphere

Kids are conscious to many things around them and can get distracted quite easily. So, it’s a must that you should not talk over the phone, not discuss family matters and should not watch news till your kid completes the homework.

Pat your kids back even if they make mistakes

Some kids don’t attempt their homework due to the fear of not doing it the right way and getting scolded by the teacher. So, as a parent, you should tell your kid that it’s better to do your homework rather than being scared of making mistakes and do well in the future by learning from the mistakes.

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Is Your Kid Getting Enough Time For Him or Herself?

In the modern world, students lead pretty hectic life. They get up early in the morning, get ready for school in the half-sleeping state. Do breakfast on the way school, reach school in a hurry to don’t miss the roll call. After that, they spend hours concentrating on lectures, and come back home in the early evening and get ready for next round of study marathon and leave for tuition quickly, spend the whole evening in learning whatever they learnt at school in the day or will learn next day. Come back late evening and find that assignment or homework still waiting for them.

times for kids

By having a look at this routine, you might say that your kid is doing well in his or her academics. But are you sure that your kid is happy leading this sort of life? Is your kid getting enough time to enjoy his or her hobbies? And are your sure that your kid is mentally and physically fit? Well, you can say that your kid is fit enough because he or she stays very active throughout the day and your kid is happy as well because he or she spends most of the time with his or her friends. You might be right as well, but there are chances that your kid could be tired of all this and would be feeling the urge of having some free time to enjoy his or her hobbies. This type of situation could arise if your kid spends a whole day on studies and doesn’t get the chance to have even a look at his or her cricket bat or football. Some kids keep up with this pressure and keep moving forward, but some of them can’t deal with it and start feeling broken. This not only hurt their mental and physical health but their education as well and as a parent, it gets harder for you to understand what to do. So, it’s better for you to understand it beforehand and try to help your kid by taking some measures. Those measures could be like, you can avail online assignment help for your kid to give him or her some time off from the homework, you can also try to help your kid in learning a topic at home rather than sending him or her to coaching. Another way that could be beneficial for your kid in having a joyful academic life is that you can take him or her out on a weekend or could challenge your kid in his or her favorite sport. This way you will find your kid excelling in his or her academics and leading a healthy life as well.

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Trending Technologies and their uses in the classrooms

Though technology is trending among classrooms, you should take care of it. Otherwise that will be a disaster for your classes. Technology trends for which you should be careful in classrooms are given below:

Mobile phones in classroom
Mobile phones can both be helpful and harmful. Choice is yours
  1. Use of Mobile Phones in the Classroom

Mobile phones can be very useful for students.  These mobile phones can be used as a camera for media projects, used for Internet access and graphing calculators. Their countless implementations will progress continuously with the addition of new technology. Though there is a fear of cheating or disturbing conversations via text message appear largely, but the mobile fans argue that these issues existed in the classroom long before even before the beginning of mobile phones.

In order to keep track of using Smartphones in the classroom is Poll Everywhere. Poll Everywhere can track live viewers polling via SMS text messages or the internet. This is offered with some prices for the corporate sector, but the free version is very famous for instructors who utilise this polished app for classroom studies and surveys.

  1. Using of Microblogging via Social Media

Think of microblogging leads to social networking site like “Twitter”. It is the king of all microblogging sites, where you can type 140-character texts which are sent out as “tweets” to your followers and subscribers either from the Twitter website or through other SMS (short message service) applications. It is very hard to avoid the use of Twitter. Some teachers make the classroom as “Twittersphere”.

Some teachers make use of Twitter simply to remind class stuffs to students. For example: “math test on Monday!” and which is very short and simple.

  1. Mouse Mischief

In education, budget is a huge problem. Every student cannot afford a laptop in the classroom. Microsoft is very helpful teacher which will see things on that way. It’s program Mouse Mischief (https://www.microsoft.com/mousemischief) works quickly with Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing teachers to comprise interactive factors like multiple choice questions in their presentations. So that students can easily use wireless or wired USB mouse and click their answers in real time. It is an easy and swift tool for student to engage them. And Microsoft has made board simple for teachers by enabling single-click commands and teacher can manage that disable mouse and set timers with other things. This design prolongs up to 40 mouse in one classroom and it has been successfully examined across the world.

The principle is nearly equal to that of Poll Everywhere text polls, but takes advantage of what most of the schools already have. For most of the students who have ever prepared a PowerPoint Presentation, Mouse Mischief is a welcome venture into the synergistic classroom technology.

Final Points:

Though the above things are trending in classrooms now, it should be taken care that these technologies are used properly by students. They never try to surf any unhealthy website, neither in the classroom nor outside. Use of trending technology makes students smarter, but it has both its own pros and cons.

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