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Theory of evolution vs. intelligence design

For the last few decades, a continuous and burning debate has been going on among intellectuals, and that has made everyone across the world jump on the bandwagon. So, the moot issue being which one is true- evolution or intelligent design. According to Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution suggests that all the living beings can be traced back to the same and common ancestor. Different forms of lives that we see and observe today have been changed and mutated over the time. The theory further states that with the help of natural selection, the strongest of the species were able to survive. Intelligent design, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in evolution as well as natural selection and suggests that there is an intelligent cause behind the creation of all the things.

Theory of evolution vs. intelligence design

The proponents of evolution believe that intelligent design is a religious topic disguised as science and is not supported by scientists. Whereas, the supporters of intelligent design believe it to be a science. The supporters of evolution claim that intelligent design doesn’t have any scientific basis because it does not encourage asking questions and debating issues. They also believe that intelligent design cannot be taken as a science as there is no credible scientific body that follows it. However, it cannot be concluded that the topic of intelligent design, however, flawed it seems to be, should not be discussed at all. After all, it is the students and scholars who have to make their views obviously based on facts and findings. The proponents of intelligent design further add that considering the countless life forms and the way all of them are working perfectly, clearly indicate that unless there are some intelligent phenomena going on somewhere, could not have existed in the first place.

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Education reform policy

Educational reforms refer to the process of changing goals of global education by introducing technology, methodologies and strategies. Educational institutions across the world are increasingly getting under pressure to have a system in place that will improve the skills, achievements and students’ participation. For the last three decades, the reforms in education have been effectively emphasizing on the inputs at one end while outputs on the other. These reforms have encouraged public education and as a result the input-output system is strengthened considerably. The implementation of school-wide reforms has also caused further systemic changes in the strategies to enhance effectiveness and performance of the students.

Education reform policy

The implementation of reform policies in education has been successful in restructuring the system to increase school autonomy, accountability and innovation in teaching methodologies. However, different countries have different reform policies as to how they are structured, financed and centralized.

Why is the need of reforms in education?

The researchers and educational professionals have identified the following obstacles and inadequacies that have led to the need to implement the educational reform policies:

  • There is a reluctance and unfavorable attitude on the part of school stakeholders to adopt bottom-up approach.
  • A clear lack of understanding is being seen in authorities as well as in stakeholders for the change in attitudes expected from them
  • Lack of time on the part of teachers and parents to implement new strategies
  • The allocation and distribution of resources has been inadequate and ineffective so far
  • There is no coherence in the continuity on the provision of professional development
  • No efforts at all to build and increase school capacity to implement reforms
  • No knowledge of roles and responsibilities among stakeholders

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Career development programs in elementary schools

If the modernity has made our lives easy, effective, educative and entertaining then it has definitely raised the bar for putting endeavors in order to learn and succeed for the school students. Students and their parents today are more concerned about their careers. Therefore educators and researchers support the introduction of career development programs in elementary schools. These programs have a growing importance in terms of self-fulfillment and all-round development for the students as these greatly benefit them. The early development of skills makes way for development for career awareness skills and career exploration skills.

Career development programs

Strategies utilized for career development of children

Researchers have emphasized on certain processes that can be highly helpful for the children such as encouraging their efforts, self-evaluation, planning to increase the complexity of tasks and problem solving tasks. These strategies create effective environments for students to learn and provide open knowledge base to explore their own career development. The educators need to teach the children to work on the feedbacks as well. So the following points can throw some more light on the methodologies involved in career development:

  • To encourage curiosity in children by allowing them the areas in which they can wonder and explore more.
  • Allowing them to experiment with the objects and equipment
  • To encourage them using creative ways of making and breaking things
  • Building bridges to more complex learning by repeatedly attempting processes not yet known to them
  • To encourage them to be more competitive
  • To develop social understanding by allowing them in frequent interactions
  • To develop an understanding of self-evaluation and self-reflection
  • To encourage drawing, writing and talking skills
  • Planning for expression and exploration of thoughts

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