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How to Teach the Intrapersonal Learners

Teaching is a profession that has been getting much applaud and respect from the people since the ages. A teacher is a person who not only plays a key role in helping the students in learning much-required skills for their professional life. But also guides the students in various aspects of life.

However, there are chances that you could also make a mistake in understanding some students and that could prove hurtful for their academics as well as professional life. Students with intrapersonal learning skills are the ones that you might find hard to understand and might get the idea that they don’t want to learn as they are quite and doesnt participate in class activities. But, you need to understand that every person differs from others and has his or her own way of learning and thinking. Same is the case with the students who like to learn using intrapersonal learning skills. So, lets discuss the ways you can use to teach intrapersonal learners.

How to Teach the Intrapersonal Learners

Assign them individual task

First of all, your need to understand that your job doesn’t complete just by giving a lecture. With that, you have to put emphasis on understanding the psychology of the students. When you understand the psychology of the students, then you will come to realize that different students learn in different ways. Some like to learn in groups and some find it easy to learn alone. Students who learn through intrapersonal learning style belong to the latter category. Thus, you should make sure to assign them individual task. It is most suitable for the intrapersonal learners because they feel pumped if they get to do something alone and can pull it off effectively.

Give them some alone time

As a teacher, you must have noticed that the quiet student seem lost in their thoughts. They stay this way because they have a broad inner world and enjoy their time privately rather than sharing all the thoughts with others. So, they might find it hard to learn or stay focused if they dont get to spend some time alone. Thus, you need to take some breaks in between your lecture so that these students can get to relax a bit. In addition, whenever you ask some question to the intrapersonal learners, you need to make sure to give them appropriate time to come up with an answer.

Help them realizing their strengths and weaknesses

We hope that you might have got a good idea about the psychology of the students who learn through intrapersonal learning method. So, you can easily understand that these students mostly keep it to themselves. As a result, it is possible they might not be able to realize their strengths and weakness. That could be the cause of their studies getting hampered. Thats why its a must for you to have talk with these students. In this talk, you should put emphasis on finding out the things that your intrapersonal learner is good at doing and what are the things that he or she finds it tough to do. This way they will get to know about their strengths and weaknesses and will be able to do well in the academics.

So, keep these points in mind while teaching the intrapersonal learners and help these students excel at the speed of their peer.

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Steps to prepare your Pre-Exam Schedule

Exam is knocking at the door. Pressure and tension of scoring high marks and doing well in examination become a nightmare for students. They complain of a host of physical and mental problems while preparing for their examinations. Such kind of problem becomes like a trauma for students sometimes.

Preparation for the examination
Prepare for the exams and get a high score

So, how to overcome this exam stress? Below I am going to explain some points. Hope my dear readers will appreciate it.

  1. Make a timetable:

Busy and unsystematic lifestyle are the crucial causes of stress before exams. Students may work hard for their test, but without the proper scheduling of their routine causes pre-exam tension. They unable to recognise the power of discipline. Thus, preparing a daily timetable is a great way which you can do before examination. Write the names of subjects in a list which you are going to study for the day. It will help you with time management.

  1. Complete sleeping and nutrition:

We all know that sleeping for eight hours and eating the right food with nutrition can aid you to release pressure. Sleeping will help you in relaxing the threadbare nerves, while eating lots of green vegetables can aid to regulate your stress.

  1. Do not get by heart:

Get by heart is probably the worst way of learning. Through learning by heart without understanding the concept only helps to remember the thing for a short time. But if you learn your topics by clearing the fundamentals, then that will be remembered for a long time. Students have the tendency to certainly forget things on the day of the examination. A far better substitute to get by heart is meaningful learning. You can do in a way like first learn the theories and then apply them to practical problems. Another best way to learn is to read, write and learn simultaneously. By applying all of your senses will aid you to be stress free and remembering things for a longer period of time.

  1. Avoid irritating people:

A healthy interaction or kidding with friends will aid you to release your stress. Try to avoid those who irritate you out the most: the snooping neighbour, the aggravating classmate who calls you up at odd hours or the inflexible cousin. Not only are they frustrating, they emit a negative vibe, which is not good for at least at the time exam. Instead of that try to share your words with folks who are supporting and cheering like your loving family and friends who are always caring about your prosperity.

  1. Organise your priority properly:

We are not super humans who can do some magic! But organise a list of primacies will aid you to essence on areas which require more consideration. If you are poor in biology, spend some extra hours to understand the concept. On the other hand, if you are strong in the humanities, you may spend a little less time on that. Arranging your subjects in proper order will help you to schedule your routine and make the best of your learning.

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