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Consider these Points while Writing Four Ps of Marketing

Consider these Points while Writing Four Ps of Marketing

You may often be asked to explain 4 Ps of marketing while pursuing a degree course in the field of management. It could be explained well if you consider some crucial points. Hence, in this write-up, we will try to give you an idea of the same.

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First of all, you need to realize what product or service you are going to offer to the market. You have to you have to give a thought to what type of product could entice the customers. To get a clear idea of that you should consider these points while writing your marketing management assignment.

  • You should consider what your customers want from the product and is your product good enough to satisfy their needs.
  • You should know the features of the product and find out the features you have missed out on.
  • It is a must for you to know how and where a customer could use the product.
  • Knowing the size and the color of the product is a must as well.
  • You should also give a name to the product and should also find out how your product is different from the competitors.
  • Calculating the manufacturing cost and profit margins is a must as well.


knowing the best place to sell your product is crucial. It could help you in reaching the needy customers in an effective way. You should keep these points in mind while finding out the suitable place to offer your product.

  • You should find out where the customers look for the product your are going to offer. It could be a supermarket, a special shop or online.
  • Having a proper idea of best possible distribution method is a must as well.
  • You should also know the strategy of your competitors and should learn from them.


You should make sure to remember these points while deciding the price of the product.

  • You should find out whether the customers will be able to afford your product or vice versa.
  • Consider whether you can gain good profits by decreasing the price or sticking to the normal market price would be better.
  • You should also try to know how offering discounts could affect your sale.
  • Comparing your product price with the competitors is a must.


Promotion plays a key role in introducing your product to the market.

  • While writing this section in the MBA assignment, you should make sure to know the ideal way to promote the product; it could be TV and radio advertising, billboards or internet.
  • You should give a thought to the best time to promote your product. If you are offering a seasonal product, it should be promoted in a particular season and so on.
  • Knowing the competitors’ promotional strategy could also help you much.

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MBA Case Study: what Skills your Professor Analyzes through the Case Study

In MBA, universities and professors use different measures to evaluate your academic performance. An MBA case study is one of it. Unlike the other types of academic assignments, a case study helps your teacher to evaluate your various skills related to the management field.

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What are those skills? Well, as an online assignment help provider, we care about your academics as much as you do. Thus, we will try to give you an idea of the same through this writing piece.

Analytical skills

You pursue a management course to learn the craft of the same. You do it in order to become a market leader. Having good analytical skills is one of the primary and most important requirement for that.

Thus, through the MBA assignment, your professor try to assess how well you have analyzed the case given in the academic paper and what measures you have taken to get the best possible results.

Quantitative skills

Management is the area where you not only need to have to be smart enough to play some tactics using the management principles and your imagination, but you also need to play with the numbers in no time.

You could be asked to find a solution using the numbers in the MBA case study. Thus, you need to be at your best in the maths while attempting a coursework.

Leadership skills

You aspire to become a leader of an organization right from the time you pursue an MBA degree course. You learn many principles and theories on how to lead a company effectively.

You have to show your leadership skills in the academic assignment. You have to write about various things such as who is an ideal leader and how good decisions could be made by the managers.

Presentation and communication skills

In management, you are expected to take charge of a group of the individuals in an organization. Presentation and communication play a crucial role in that.

Your academic case study gives the idea to the professor on how well you present something and how good are in communicating through writing.

Determination and confidence

As a manager, you lead a group of people to reach a certain goal. So, if you are not determined to reach your goal, then you can’t expect anything from the others. Your teacher also tries to evaluate your determination using the MBA coursework.

Confidence is the key to success in any field. It also holds much importance in the eyes of the evaluator when it comes to your assignment.

Personality traits

A manager works in a team, so, there is no doubt about the importance of a manager having likable behavior and personality.

Your professor judges various traits in your personality through your MBA case study. Attitude, patience, assertiveness, team members and controlled aggression are some of the qualities that come under the scanner.

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