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The Things that you should Look for in your Role Model

When we talk about a role model, lots of people like social activists, sports persons, business leaders and film actors might come to your mind. You are right thinking that way because people have been choosing their role models from these people for a long time and have been putting efforts to become like them.

The Things that you should Look for in your Role Model

However, having a role model doesn’t mean that you should hunt for the fame that they have got. Instead, you need to give importance to developing the characteristics that your role model possesses. But, you need to find out the characteristics of your role model to do that, so lets have a look at the things you should look for in a person while making him or her your role model.

Your role model must be passionate

How can you tell a person is passionate about a thing or not? Well, the answer is simple. If a person puts all the efforts to achieve something and you find him or her fully delighted when that person achieves something. With that, you also need to find out, was there such time in that person’s life when he or she faced many difficulties, but his or her passionate efforts helped that person in tackling those problems. If you find these qualities in a person then, you should make that person your role model.

He or She must have a disciplined life

You must have heard this before from your parents and teachers that discipline is very much necessary for you if you want to achieve success. Well, both your parents and teachers are absolutely right when they say that. But sometimes you don’t get inspired by your parents and teachers. So, you can try to find a person who is disciplined in life and gives importance to his or her aim instead of other things.

Your role model must have never give up attitude

In this world, when someone starts doing some good work, that person has to face lots of problems. People go against them, governments try to put hindrance in their way and they find themselves alone in the journey of achieving their dream. If you have seen someone like this in your life or have read about these people who just don’t know how to give up, then you should not shy away from making them your role model.

He or she should do some social service as well

With all that, you should also try to find out that your role model gives importance to doing some social service as well. You need to see whether your role model cares about his or her family members and fans. You also need to find out has your role model done something for society such as gifting homes to the people or doing some charity.

So, give time to observing these things in a person while choosing a role model. That said, we will sum up this article here. Hope you find it useful.

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Benefits Of Online Education

Gone are those days when you have to have a higher degree to get a job. In the modern times, students earn while they learn as online education has made its entry in the education sector. Using this method of learning, you can continue your higher studies as you do a job and can get a degree that holds much value. So, to understand this method of learning better, let’s have a look at what benefits you get by opting for online education.

Benefits of online education

 No worries of expenditure

 Online education is a process of learning that costs less than the traditional method of education. Opting for this method of education, you don’t to worry about spending money to purchase books as you get study material online. Also, there is no need for you to travel for learning, so you save money this way as well.

 Time flexibility

 Its one of the major benefit of online education is that you can schedule your class as per your convenience. Online classes are available 24/7. This way you can get the time to fulfill your other commitments without getting worried about study time.

 Chance of networking

 Online education is a method that is not limited to just one city or country. In this method, there are chances that your class might have students from different countries, this way you get the chance of interacting with them and get a new experience. Moreover, if you are stuck with something, then you can contact your tutor for assistance.

 Individual care

In this method of learning, you connect with your tutor via a laptop or computer, so its a one to one connection that you have with your teacher. This way you get individual attention from your teacher thats not the case in a traditional method of learning.

 Latest content

Online education also offers you such content that is updated and provides correct information.

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Theory of evolution vs. intelligence design

For the last few decades, a continuous and burning debate has been going on among intellectuals, and that has made everyone across the world jump on the bandwagon. So, the moot issue being which one is true- evolution or intelligent design. According to Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution suggests that all the living beings can be traced back to the same and common ancestor. Different forms of lives that we see and observe today have been changed and mutated over the time. The theory further states that with the help of natural selection, the strongest of the species were able to survive. Intelligent design, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in evolution as well as natural selection and suggests that there is an intelligent cause behind the creation of all the things.

Theory of evolution vs. intelligence design

The proponents of evolution believe that intelligent design is a religious topic disguised as science and is not supported by scientists. Whereas, the supporters of intelligent design believe it to be a science. The supporters of evolution claim that intelligent design doesn’t have any scientific basis because it does not encourage asking questions and debating issues. They also believe that intelligent design cannot be taken as a science as there is no credible scientific body that follows it. However, it cannot be concluded that the topic of intelligent design, however, flawed it seems to be, should not be discussed at all. After all, it is the students and scholars who have to make their views obviously based on facts and findings. The proponents of intelligent design further add that considering the countless life forms and the way all of them are working perfectly, clearly indicate that unless there are some intelligent phenomena going on somewhere, could not have existed in the first place.

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Teaching with technology

Teaching with the help of technology is a new and effective methodology now a day in schools and colleges around the world. However, it is a matter of debate as to what extent should be used and which are the best tools utilized for student learning. Technology, in its fundamental form, may be defined as advancement in the means of usage of tools for solving problems, achieving goals as well as satisfying needs. So if technology can be used in every field in order to get work done then why not in education? Argue some expert educators. They further add that in addition to traditional equipment, technology can include presentation software, high-tech tablets, video conferencing and virtual classrooms.

how technology can help teaching

How technology is going to help students?  

  • The collaboration tools used online greatly help students and teachers to share documents, texts, images and ideas in digital format.
  • The use of presentation software has already enabled various professionals. So teachers can also utilize them to embed high-resolution images, diagrams, video screen shots and lecture content.
  • Tablets are very helpful to link computers and projectors so that teachers and professors can effectively communicate with the students.
  • Canvas is one of the widely known course management tools that help teachers to organize every single resource such as syllabi, assignments, quizzes etc. it promotes discussion, document, video and audio sharing.
  • Smartphones are today highly mechanized, educative and productive devices in the world of education. There are hundreds of educational applications that are highly useful as far teaching is concerned and they only work on smartphone platforms. Instructors are now using them to their fullest and students are greatly benefitting in the process.
  • Tools like Panoto are also helping the teachers to record lectures from computers and posting them to be reviewed by the students at their own pace.

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How to encourage book reading skills

For centuries there is a saying in educational circles “books are the best friends of man”. But these days or rather in these modern times, with the advent of technology book reading is frequently taking a back seat among a substantial population of students. Understandably though it is really hard for some to jump into the texts and come out with major realities. However, these challenges should be addressed in the first place so that book reading shall be encouraged. So in order to help specially the children, assignment writing help experts come up with the following steps and they need to be implemented at the earliest:

book reading skills

  • Do not try to pressurize any child to just sit down and start reading. First interest should be built around the topic and then its importance should be highlighted. Interesting books can be good starter for him.
  • Introduce the concept of PRR i.e. preview, read and review.
  • Observe how your kid tries to preview the topic in hand. Pictures, graphs, maps and graphics can be handy for this purpose.
  • Emphasize as well as convince them the purpose of reading. Once he gets the fair idea and purpose of the subject, the picture will be clear in his mind.
  • In the next stage, reading should be done meticulously. It makes them comprehend the information and knowledge conveyed by the book. Teach him underline the answers while reading it.
  • This stage allows your child to review the content. It takes less time but touches the necessary information again only to retain it for a longer period. You can also ask what they just learnt. This can make them more enthusiastic about what to learn next.
  • Try to make them understand the importance of learning and knowledge for their own good so that they go ahead to read more and more books and hence more and more knowledge.

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