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How to share your ways of learning with students

Teachers who love their teaching profession have a lot of passion for learning as well as teaching. It always thrills them when they are given a challenge of teaching most stubborn students. Many of them have given up their high paying jobs in order to pursue teaching profession. They always seem to be enthusiastic whenever they meet students so that they could share something interesting with them. In the moments of pure passion, these teachers are at best in teaching and imparting knowledge.

How to share your ways of learning with students

So here are some of the important ways and methods with which teachers can share their experiences and passion for learning with students:

  1. Open yourself: it is always a matter of joy for us to listen to those who open themselves to share their valuable experiences. Their enthusiasm and excitement is contagious and bring more and more people on the same page.
  2. Tell every relevant thing passionately: tell your students even the smallest things that have relevance. Whatever you are thinking about or working on, if you find something interesting in that, go ahead and tell them.
  3. Make students to use your experiences: be an example to inspire the students to follow something that is immensely helpful for them also. Your experiences should not be limited to the classrooms only. So let students use them beyond their class in the world that is way diverse and complex.
  4. Helping them in setting their goals: if you as a teacher help the students in prioritizing their tasks and set their goals, they are more inclined to listen to you and use your methods more often than not.
  5. Rewards the improvements: every time a student is rewarded for his improvements, he gets an internal motivation to follow his teacher. They care to listen to whatever important things are being taught to them.

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Teaching with technology

Teaching with the help of technology is a new and effective methodology now a day in schools and colleges around the world. However, it is a matter of debate as to what extent should be used and which are the best tools utilized for student learning. Technology, in its fundamental form, may be defined as advancement in the means of usage of tools for solving problems, achieving goals as well as satisfying needs. So if technology can be used in every field in order to get work done then why not in education? Argue some expert educators. They further add that in addition to traditional equipment, technology can include presentation software, high-tech tablets, video conferencing and virtual classrooms.

how technology can help teaching

How technology is going to help students?  

  • The collaboration tools used online greatly help students and teachers to share documents, texts, images and ideas in digital format.
  • The use of presentation software has already enabled various professionals. So teachers can also utilize them to embed high-resolution images, diagrams, video screen shots and lecture content.
  • Tablets are very helpful to link computers and projectors so that teachers and professors can effectively communicate with the students.
  • Canvas is one of the widely known course management tools that help teachers to organize every single resource such as syllabi, assignments, quizzes etc. it promotes discussion, document, video and audio sharing.
  • Smartphones are today highly mechanized, educative and productive devices in the world of education. There are hundreds of educational applications that are highly useful as far teaching is concerned and they only work on smartphone platforms. Instructors are now using them to their fullest and students are greatly benefitting in the process.
  • Tools like Panoto are also helping the teachers to record lectures from computers and posting them to be reviewed by the students at their own pace.

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Important steps for students to become successful

Student life is full of numerous activities that help them grow, learn and adjust in the changing world that we live in. However, there are certain traits and effective steps for students to possess that give them academic advantage and success wherever they go. These are illustrated as follows:

how students can be successful

  1. Time management: it is very important aspect in the lives of students that helps them a long way in their careers. As all the subjects require equal time to complete assignments and homework given by teachers, managing time effectively gives an effective edge to the students. The methodology used is dividing the work into simple parts and can be completed in time.
  2. Follow systematic rules: if the life a student is systematic and organized, chances of his/her successes are increased considerably. So following basic systematic rules helps making their lives smooth.
  3. Eat healthy to stay fit: it is often said that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body so the importance of nutritious food cannot be ignored. For better clarity of thought as well as retention capacity of mind, it is pretty important to eat healthy and stay fit.
  4. Involve in extra-curricular activities: the extra-curricular activities according to one’s interests are very helpful for him/her. They generate a lot of positive energies that in turn increase their potential to become successful. These also help them lower their stress.
  5. Sharing thoughts and ideas: the guidance is always necessary for the proper motivation and encouragement of students. So it is pertinent that in order to enhance their performance, students need to share their thoughts and ideas as well. This helps them build confidence and support in order to get success.

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