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Writing a Demand and Supply Management Assignment? Try these Techniques!

It is possible that you may not be able to write your demand and supply management assignment due to not having the appropriate knowledge of attempting it. Hence, it would be ideal for you to get the idea of the same as you can’t afford to lose the chance of scoring high grades in this subject.

Our this write-up focuses on teaching you the same. So, read on!


Try to understand the requirements of the coursework

You must be aware that writing on any topic requires you to understand its requirements. The assignment questions and university guidelines give you a proper idea of that.

Thus, your aim should be to read the assignment questions carefully. You have to give the same importance to learning the university guidelines as well. It will prove much helpful for you in writing a fine quality coursework.

You should have proper knowledge of the subject before writing it

It is quite obvious that writing on the subject such as demand and supply management could be tough for you if you are not familiar with its nuances.

Reading before writing makes you better for attempting the task. Hence, your primary focus should be on to read a lot about the assignment topic. You can use various sources such as your textbooks, internet and journals for the same purpose.

Don’t try to be creative, just explain the topic in simple language

One of the things that students often find confusing about college assignment writing is whether they have to write creatively or use of the simple language will do.

The thing that the expert writers suggest is that you should use plain language, especially while writing a demand and supply assignment. This way the readers will find it easy to read the coursework and you will also be able to get good grades.

Make the graphs as per question’s requirement

Demand and supply management is the subject in which you have to explain the market demand and supply. Graphs are something that play a crucial in that. So, you should make sure to draw the graphs keeping the question’s requirement in mind.

You should also structure the assignment properly, add references in it and should also check for plagiarism after completing it.

If you are unable to write your coursework due to some reason, then you can use our supply chain management assignment help UK and can get a first class homework written from us.

Significance of entrepreneurship in economic development

The term entrepreneurship is wide and covers many activities that are performed by an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship starts from establishing a new business and continues throughout the successful management of the business.

entrepreneurship assignment
Learn about the Economics aspect of Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship can be explained as the process and state of being through and in which people utilize the constructive opportunities available in the market by producing a new idea in the form of a business. Entrepreneurs are people who establish a new business which helps in generating new jobs in the economy. Entrepreneurship as a whole is the ability to deal with the situation of uncertainty along with differentiating between risks (can be determined) and uncertainty (cannot be predicted). Under entrepreneurship, an entrepreneur is responsible for the management of production function and the workforce of the business by paying compensation to workers. An entrepreneur has to bear all the risks involved in the business and deal with all the uncertainties of production. In the economic theory, the model of entrepreneurship has been represented as an occupational choice between self-employment and wage-employment. In other words entrepreneur is a person who chooses to be self employed rather than getting employed by any other company or business.

People become an entrepreneur when the profits and other non-financial gains in self-employment are more in comparison to the compensation and additional benefits that people receive while being under wage employment. This is the reason why entrepreneurship is often considered as self-employment. The new employment opportunities provided by entrepreneur results in escalating competition in the market. While managing the business, entrepreneur uses advanced technologies to maintain efficiency and productivity and eventually contribute towards the development of the economy, followed by economic growth. Therefore, entrepreneurship plays an important role in the economic growth around the world.

The role of an entrepreneur in the economy starts with being an innovator. Starting a new enterprise is an innovation and the individual responsible to make that innovation successful by carrying out all the activities related to that innovation is the entrepreneur. Along with the innovation, the entrepreneur also has to focus on identifying the profitable opportunities that can be utilized to make the innovation grow and earn profits. To identify constructive openings in the market for the business, an entrepreneur has to take risks and should be careful is such situations. They should be competent to deal with a risk being faced during the business operation and distinguish it from an uncertain situation.

There are three distinct ways in which entrepreneurships contributes towards the economic development. The first way is to establish the knowledge overflows that are an essential mechanism for the development of the economy. The knowledge diffusion is significant particularly when policy inference generally driven by the growth of the economy that should increase the role of knowledge, knowledge factors like R&D that should be openly supported.  The organizations should develop the capability to adapt new technology and ideas from different organizations.  The second way is defined as in which entrepreneurship capital should help in the economic development by increasing the competition and enterprises. The knowledge is more helpful to the externalities of the knowledge. The increasing number of the organizations should also increase the competition of new ideas and more competition within different organizations should facilitate the entry of the new and innovative firms that have specialization in the new area.  Third way of of entrepreneurial capital generates economic development by offering diversity among firms.

The entrepreneurial capital should develop more organizations. It should develop variety of organizations in particular locations. The diversity of the organizations should directly connect to the economic performance of the organizations. It analyses that most significant source of knowledge overflow are external to the industry in which firms operate effectively. It is the exchange of corresponding knowledge across diverse organizations that would generate the profit for the organization and should results in economic development.